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    hi everyone!

    - is there any way better to organize the asset library?

    when we open it, we go direct to the biggest folder (all asset) and make the asset window goes slowly . i think we can be approach smaller classification to improve the speed and experience as well.

    sorry my English is not my best.

    truong thanh , first off also acquire Enscape 2.9 please, if that doesn't help, please make sure that you upgrade your GPU drivers to the latest version as well and if that also doesn't help, please kindly send us a feedback report with your logs for troubleshooting purposes, you can then in the meantime also try the earlier drivers suggested above, of course that would pretty much mostly make sense only if analyser also has a GTX 1660.

    i think the issue come from the it's own GPU and drives, a topic from our community showed that many people got the same issue when they used 1660 GPU.

    hi everyone!

    -i have this problem that i used GPU: Geforce GTX 1660

    - there is no problem until i change the render resolution (higher quality) it clashed everytime. every version except 2.8.2

    - i try many suggest drives but seem like only 2.8.2 works without clash( both enscape and revit stop running and closed).:(

    Anyone got the same problem? pls help. thank you all alot. ^^