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    I have just reopened a model in rhino which was working well yesterday. It now seems that some of the assets are 100x too large. Strangely they still appear the correct size in rhino but only appear massive in enscape. I deleted them and placed them again from the asset library and they are still massive so have had to scale each one down to 0.01. I have not yet updated to Enscape 3.0, so perhaps this bug will be fixed. Good to see that there are lots of new assets though.

    Hi, Ive installed the latest version of enscape and I am no longer able to link visual settings to a view. When I try and link the file I get the message shown in the attached image. however I have saved the file and I have saved the visual settings to the project. Im getting this with all my files and this is a problem I did not have before I got the new update. Guessing it is just a bug with the latest install but any help would be great! Thanks