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    Hi All

    I am collaborating with a work colleague to help him in his role as architectural visualiser. He uses 3DS Max 2020 and I have set up a pipeline Between Max and Revit to take the load off him by getting the Revit guys to do a bit more work on the texturing in Revit so that there is less to do in Max.

    I have introduced Enscape to the practice and hopefully it will become an integral part of Revit work for the whole team.

    So far this has worked very well but I am hoping to cut out a lot of the photoshop post production work. Since he uses Vray in MAX I was wondering whether I could create Vray proxies using the Sketchup version (which I don't have) which could be used with the MAX version.

    I can produce everything I need for my purposes with Enscape using Sketchup and Revit, but I was hoping that I could produce an in-house library of custom Vray proxies to match my Skatter-produced Enscape proxies.

    Does anyone have enough knowledge of Vray proxies to tell me if they are cross platform / compatible?


    Ok, this is only for Revit 2019 and I have not tried it out. But you can use Substance in Revit 2019 and up and it should be picked up by Enscape without issues. (As long as the substances are not dynamic.) If someone tries it out, I would really like to hear how well it works.…ial-workflow-architecture

    Thanks for the heads-up Sean, I was not aware of this.

    I'm running Revit 2019 at the moment so I will give it a try and report back!

    "Adobe will now bring in Substance SDK into their product lines, making Substance a more powerful standard for materials."

    Now that the PBR material format has been fully endorsed by Adobe and they are encouraging development, is there any chance of integrating substance materials with Enscape in a future release?

    I used to be subscribed to Allegorithmic but had to cut costs to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. (I am hoping that in future Substance Designer, Substance Painter & Substance Alchemist will be included in the Creative Cloud subscription - fingers crossed)