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    I have experience with many different rendering engines and enscape is this what I was looking for quick and fast renders without big knowledge about "parameters" - BIG THANKS :!::love::!:

    I can accept a little mistakes but this what you can see on my renders... hmmm.. I can't call this as 'feature' -I'm an optimistic man and believe that in some day, in a galaxy far, far away.... 8o

    For still images - ok, 'feature'... Advanced user can fix this with making render scene behind camera and mix it with 'final' scene with 'help' from 'object id, materials and depth layers' in graphic program

    But for animations it's hard to make 'quick fix'

    Link for animation:

    I have that case for Sketchup:

    1) Hotel with 30 rooms and lobby

    2) In each room my client want to place a table

    3) There is a 3 types of rooms: one with RECTANGLE table, second with ROUND table and third with HEXAGON table

    4) In lobby I have put another type of table: Large OVAL

    5) Eeach of table have the SAME MATERIAL - for example white plastic

    6) I want to use proxies for that tables

    7) I make one main project file where I put that 30 proxies (10 of each type of table with the SAME "GLOBAL" MATERIAL) and directly to main project file Large OVAL table in lobby.

    My observations :

    a) I have see in "Materials" my "White Plastic Material" - I think that is the material FOR ALL of my tables (for OVAL looby table and for all proxies).

    b) When I try to change for example tint color from "White Plastic Material" to "Red Plastic Material", its only works for a OVAL lobby table - not for all proxies :-/

    And questions:

    i) It is possible to make a switch (checbox) to make a Material "GLOBAL" for all proxies? - when I change some properties of material that is checked as 'GLOBAL' in main file, Enscape scan proxies for that material and make changes for that material in all files (proxies)

    ii) OR make feature "merge materials from proxies" (import materials from proxies)? - when I create or import proxy I have possibility to compare/merge materials between proxy and main file and create "GLOBAL Material" for choosen materials (compare 'by name' in first version of feature ;) )

    iii) OR make feature: "copy enscape materials" between sketchup files - export/import in Enscape Materials Window

    When I have a complicated project or project with high poly components I want to make some of "room's" as proxy - in that way I can speed up my workflow (smaller skp main project file for reading, saving and modeling by Sketchup)

    However, when I have in that "rooms" material for furniture and now I must open each of that proxy and make the same corrections in material... hmmmm... this slow down my worklfow ?(