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    Similar to the Favorite Views menu, is there a way to add a menu for Layers for phasing in the .EXE or Web standalone exports from Enscape?

    A way to modify visibility settings for certain objects such as 2 design options, or hiding entourage in a scene would be very helpful.

    SketchUp includes Layer/Tag Visibility settings with each scene, embedding that information into the Favorite Enscape views would help in presentations when we need to present multiple design options or turn certain objects on or off when sent as an executable, and we're not there to edit the information live in a meeting.

    This could also be done with Revit views and view options.

    Can Enscape "Revit family link to assets" be remembered across projects, or do you always need to reassign Revit families to enscape assets when you start a new project.

    There are many Revit families that we use on multiple projects, and it would be good if Enscape could remember those 'Family Types' across projects and assign the same enscape asset. It's pretty tedious to reassign the same Enscape Assets to the same Revit Families each time.