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    Some noisy image on mirror and leak of door details...

    I'm using ultra setting here

    Hardware: Vga Gtx 970 with latest driver

    is rtx give the better result of reflection than gtx?

    I'm using gtx 970. I always get a bad result of mirror reflection, some details are missing.

    Hey Ranindita , may I kindly ask what exactly you're missing in the rendered image? :) I suppose you're missing the softer lighting output from the render preview? The preview output will usually look different to some extent compared to a finished rendering, since we apply some post-processing once the rendering is being started.

    Yes i didn't get softer light as seen as preview render. The final render giving me sharper light than preview render. Even i lost the light in the other ceiling..

    Right, my question was related to the ceiling field in the background, since there seems to be a light red tint too. Is it the same setup like at the foreground ceiling field? I suppose so there is a second problem at the background, that's why I ask. If it is the same setup than there is a solution needed too. But maybe I'm wrong and there is no emissive material build in.

    For your first post question the Enscape team will give the answer.

    I do the same technic to the other ceiling behind. As you can see, seems like i didn't put any light up there.


    Anyone could tell me how come the render result is very different to the render preview?

    I use emissive material on my ceiling (i set it on 5000)

    The bias of light in render result is so wierd..too sharp and not natural.

    Here are all my settings.

    is this case will be solved in the next version? I do have the same problem.

    Can you explain about the screenspace reflection technic?