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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    You may need the more Dedicated VRAM on a laptop with a 3080... AMD processor 5900H...

    A summary of 2020 laptops:

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    and their ranking...

    Maybe something like this:

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    This laptop with a Dial and only up to 3070 seems great for "creators":

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    depends on your budget and needs/goals...

    • License Model Changes
      In this Preview version we have adjusted how license seats for Enscape are handled. A seat will now be occupied when any of the Enscape key features are in use, specifically: Enscape Renderer, Material Library, Material Editor, Asset Library, and Enscape Objects (SketchUp only). This change is to reflect the value these key features bring to the end user as well as the investment we are making to constantly improve and develop Enscape.

    OK... I am waiting to see how many people of the ones that initially complained about the now defunct trial and now this... How many will try and stay with Enscape and how many will start to look elsewhere...

    As a separate topic, but kinda related to the evolution of Enscape... I thought I saw "Unity" mentioned in the "about" (?) dialog or some other place where Enscape acknowledges what other software/libraries/etc are part of Enscape... I saw videos of Unity being able to adjust light sources way easier than it is done in Enscape.... I sorta stopped using Enscape other than for the occasional render... test videos being captured with OBS to use an Xbox Controller... Too may changes and not a lot of them to make things easier... adjusting light sources should be a priority... It is tiresome to see other programs implement that but not Enscape... you need to import the light properties files... I'm considering just waiting and let the subscription run out and then only go for a month at any given time if I at all find the need to use Enscape... well, I don't make a living out of it... just a hobby... but I do like the 360 panoramas and the web export... so we'll see... Plus the constant crashes at times with some versions... then you upgrade and there are other issues.... Getting tired of the same song........ hoping things get settled soon. Enscape is a good program... just kinda went downhill when it was getting better... Tough times. And the MP4 export problems that force people to use a separate program (VLC)... bleh...

    Hi all...

    I want to share that you can use the Open source Software called OBS to capture the Enscape Window and use an XBox controller to move around your model to showcase it anyway you want. It takes practice and getting used to it, planning, and either a beefy PC or a video capture device if you want the most flexibility or don't have a very Beefy computer.

    Why capture the video window instead of just rendering out a video and using the path maker... if you have used it and thought the output was somewhat monotonous/robotic/too pre-defined... you are not alone... (See my posts in the feature request for reference, under my avatar click "posts")

    Specs on the PC used to create this video capture:

    Ryzen 9 5900x

    RTX 3090 with 24GB VRAM

    LG gaming monitor 144Hz at 3840x1600

    32GB RAM (Single Chip, I had to send the other 32GB stick of ram for RMA)

    2TB NVME drive (Gaming, so 2gbit per sec...)

    4TB SSD (to save the video to, this second SSD helps if your main drive is not as fast and you are doing large resolution capture or low compression for quality)

    XBox Controller connected via USB

    OBS Settings (I could not find how to adjust the base canvas to be less than 3840x1600)

    Output > Recording:

    • Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File size
    • Recording format: mp4 (default is MKV, but your video editing software may not like it)
    • Encoder: Hardware (NVENC)


    • Base Canvas Resolution: 3840 x 1600
    • Output (Scaled) Resolution: 2192x914 (This came out as default???)
    • Downscaler: Area (Weighed sum, 4/6/9 samples) - Default is Bicubic, your settings and needs will vary, try what works for you.
    • Common FSP Value: 60

    Note: When you first open OBS it will ask you if you want to set the program for both Streaming AND Recording OR just recording... I used "Just Recording", then added a source "Game Capure" as follows:

    • Properties for Game Capture:
      • Mode: Capture Specific Window
      • Window: "[Sketchup.exe] Enscape....."
      • Rest of the settings up to you... capture pointer, or not etc...

    Either mute the audio sources or capture the microphone audio so you can narrate what you are showing/recording. Use your favorite/available Video Editor to add notes, audio, background music, etc...

    Video scaled down from 2192x914 to 1280x720 and shorter duration in order to fit the 20MB file upload limit...

    I Hope this helps some of you...

    If you have a 16:9 monitor (1920x1080, or 4K) and you can find one of those Game Video Capture cards... El Gato, or Aver Media ones... the ones with pass-through HDMI, you could do that as well... your mileage/budget/goals/needs may vary...

    Thanks for the replies. It's definitely a hardware issue but not sure what? IT ran all the stress tests mentioned and components are working properly. Not sure how to test the power supply. I ran the same file at same resolution on my Lenovo P52 laptop and it work fine. Slower to save, but no issues. It's funny that the 15k Thinkstation with powerful specs shutoffs after 30-70 percent. 3ds MAX and Corona saving at 5k res...No issues. But then again, Corona is cpu centric and doesn't use gpu power. But at least I have a workaround for now.

    Been there... Enscape "helped" me upgrade to a new PC... bugs.... bugs... The crashes were only happening on my older PC when using Enscape and nothing else would make it crash... But lucky for me I got to upgrade to a 3090 and 5900x cause it was a whole system with the 3090 included so no scalper prices.

    I can't seem to find the posts I made in these forums for all the troubleshooting I had to go through... these forums get "cleaned" every once in a while... or maybe the thread got "merged" or "archived".... not the first time...

    Found one of the posts I made (Had to click on the "Posts" link next to one of my replies...

    Previous releases/previews merged thread

    What power supply and what processor? If the power supply is not GOLD rated and with extra watts, that may be it... Lenovo is known for providing just barely OK power Supplies with just enough juice to get through most things OK, but 3D rendering, and bugs in software... can cause it...

    Others may suggest you also try FurMark and stress test your system when you get some free time to let it rip for a good, say 20min(?), with settings maxed out and full screen (though it does not support all wide screen resolutions - like 3840 x 1600) but it is a good test...

    Also, check your RAM with MEMTEST86... I just had a bad stick of RAM and called in an RMA... my PC was having random restarts also with WarZone... or just any time doing nothing... Shoulda ran it sooner and saved myself headaches...

    Also had the Assets being slow, Gig connection download with 40mbit upload... I can download 60Gig updates for Warzone game in an hour... why would this puny handful of gigs take so long??

    The Task manger is showing the Bandwidth utilization... it is in the mid 200kbps to 300kbps... nothing else uploading or downloading... is this a CDN issue? Somebody mentioned tracing the download to Amazon Web Services servers? hosting has costs I guess...

    Same behavior before I had to upgrade my PC cause Enscape kept crashing it... no solution... Enscape Still crashes the new PC...a whole nother story... don't get me started. I appreciate the work done by Enscape team.

    Some basic things are not working as well as they could.

    Could there be a standalone installer for the whole library (or a "Download All Assets" button so that we can all move on with our lives without having to leave Enscape up and running all night (assuming you have a monitor with resolution high enough to show all thumbnails to display, cause if the thumbnail is not shown it only downloads the currently displayed thumbnails) trying to download the library???? It could validate the license before extracting/installing... or something.

    Reverse IP Lookup to the two IPs SketchUp.exe is receiving packets from shows the following (yeah, yeah, I'm an IT guy, don't argue with me... mmm k?) just tryina help here, one is Amazon AWS and the other service, also hosted at Amazon AWS or related to, shows as

    Just looked at this AWS troubleshooting link:…t-slow-downloads-uploads/

    I have a 2.5gig capable router at home (not the average home router) with 1gig download speed and 40mbit up... PC with 2.5gig network card... AMD 5900x GTX 3090... 64gig ram... 2TB Firecuda SSD... US California (that's as close as I will disclose on a public forum).

    I just found that trying the offline files downloads the files just a slow, but without having to scroll over and over again... by the way. "Offline Enscape Assets" checkbox at the bottom right corner...

    Speed test is (while watching hulu/Youtube and downloading Enscape Assets):

    I have a problem with version of Enscape 2.9 and 3.x where the sphere light goes through objects and does not cast proper shadows and I have to use instead the Spot Light object to direct/restrict light... very annoying... Also, when trying to get softer light/shadows on the ceiling I have to lower the brightness so much that I cannot get the desired result in Enscape and have to use other renderer... (D5)...

    On this screenshot, the Hektar (Ikea) lamp shade should catch the light and prevent it from bleeding/passing through as if it were translucent material... I even tested placing another sphere on the desk surrounded by a double-walled cylinder and the light of that lower-placed sphere even showed on the floor on the other side of the wall... like why???

    Why is there direct light on the wall behind the Hektar shade? I can only avoid that using the spot light... Why is light passing through walls and double walls?

    This screenshot is now v 3.0.1 non-preview... I also tried it with V 2.9 of Enscape... same thing...

    I'm having issues with doing a live walkthrough on enscape while I'm sharing my screen on either Microsoft Team or Zoom. A lot of shuttering.

    Yeah... that is dependent on several variables:

    • PC Specs
    • Bandwidth up/down to the internet
    • resolution
    • Zoom/Teams settings

    Have the same issues with a Xeon workstation with 32GB ram ... it is what it is with Zoom/Teams... but you can try enabling high quality settings for video and bandwidth and see what happens if you haven't already...

    EDIT: Also depends on the PC/device specs, resolution, bandwidth, on the other end...

    We're already making use of a rather popular codec, and I myself experienced plenty of events where windows media player just wasn't up to the task (not just in combination with videos created through Enscape) - either because of missing codecs or because the video stuttered because of performance problems which I never experienced with VLC (probably due to lacking hardware acceleration in WMP). So summed up I'd say it's always better to not use windows media player, or at least acquire a codec pack which should also do the trick when Enscape videos cannot be played at all.

    Well, correct, the "creation tool" shows as LAVC... which there is a codec pack with similar name (is it related, from the same team?) and I do believe the format that is being used by Enscape "attempts" to be compatible/accessible/standard... which is great... that is not being put in doubt... I am saying, per my previous posts, that I found the "codec ID" of the container file may not be interpreted correctly by Windows Media Player... hence, the frame skipping/stuttering reports...

    Now... There is an option when installing some codec packs to show a tray icon when the installed, 3rd party codec, is being used to decode/play an mp4 file, or any other video file, when there is a supported video file being "decoded" or "played"... I tried using that when playing the MP4 file from Enscape... and the icon did not show up... note that I have used that option in the past when testing mp4 files from other applications... Is not some secret, it is a feature and a very helpful one.

    So, again, I go back to the findings for my test of MP4 files made with Enscape 3.0... I did not try with mp4 files from Enscape 2.8 or 2.9 since I had an older Core i7 6500 PC until recently... and now that I have a brand new spiffy AMD 5900x with 64GB RAM and a GTX 3090... the video from Enscape skipping frames was a sing of the media player not knowing how to properly play the file... be it buffering, intermediate frames, vector, etc, etc, etc, gazillion options or hardware decoding... cause... you know... each MP4 file, and every mp4 file, comes with presumably the correct container Codec ID, and each stream inside of the MP4 container file also comes with its own codec ID so the media player can decide how to play back the file...

    Point is, can the Dev team check on this? Otherwise, for every Enscape Video I export I will have to re-encode it for distribution and playback so that end-users don't have to go through downloads, codecs, and what not that may influence how they perceive the end product??

    Expanding on the Windows codecs, there are N and KN versions of windows that come with some features stripped out... I'll let you guys do the research and let us know what you find....

    So has the Enscape team (devs, help desk, other parts of the team), tried playing those files on PCs with Fresh Installs of Windows 10... without extra codecs, then try with Codecs... if the result is the same... then you may start to notice some of what some of us have reported seeing when playing MP4 files created with Enscape... Is there a difference on the Windows versions used by the Enscape Dev Team or other teams that are not the developers that make them different from the versions of Windows we end users have? There are several Windows Versions/Editions: LTSC, LTSB, EDU, N, KN, Home, Pro, etc...

    Now, please, try to re-encode the same file with Vidcoder with the settings I posted (so we all work on the same set of test settings, for example), but at the same resolution of the source MP4 file... let us know what you find... when playing the file on a fresh Windows 10 install without 3rd party codec packs or filters, and without VLC.... and then try with a codec pack and activate the tray icon when the filters/codec pack are actively being used to play the mp4 file that was properly identified (correct Codec ID) and the tray icon shows up...

    I know this is a long post... but rendering videos can be a very time consuming task... and some people may be more pressed on time/resources and may not have time to re-encode videos to make them more compatible/VLC/Codec-pack free...

    I did media encoding and digital signage for work for a few years... like a decade ago... it can be real fun to have to deal with codecs and custom media players... There's always tons of variables involved with video/multimedia... it is just the nature of the beast. It is what it is.

    I think the fix would be, for what I gather, to have Enscape export the MP4 with the correct/most-compatible codec/settings... that way no extra codecs needed or another player like VLC...

    As a reference to why I think Enscape3D's MP4 videos may not be playing well in Windows without using VLC is the Codec ID of the container file and/or the Video Stream:

    The MediaInfo application/software has a list of "known" codecs/codec IDs... and "isom", "iso2" were not on the list (used a text editor's find/search function), but "mp41" was, so again, I think it is the codec ID/container. The Video Stream Codec inside the Enscape MP4 file for 4k @ 120fps was "mp4v-20". It is possible, and have not researched this fully, but is it possible the European editions of Windows have a different set of Built-In codecs that play fine and the US version(s) of Windows have a different set of Built-in codecs? hence why some users have no problems playing the files and some do?

    Here is a partial list of "known" codecs by the MediaInfo App (made the ones found for the Enscape MP4 file in BOLD and Green):

    Note: the list was too long to post, but if you want to see it, super long list, download the MediaInfo app...

    MNVD;MindVid;4CC;V;;;MindBend MindVid LossLess

    MP2A;MPEG-2 Audio;4CC;A;MPEG-A;;Media Excel MPEG-2 Audio

    MP2T;MPEG-2 TS;4CC;M;MPEG-TS;;Media Excel MPEG-2 Transport Stream

    MP2V;MPEG-2 Video;4CC;V;MPEG-V;;Media Excel MPEG-2 Video;

    MP2v;MPEG-2 Video;4CC;V;MPEG-V;;MPEG-2 Video;

    MP41;S-Mpeg 4 v1;4CC;V;;;Microsoft MPEG-4 V1 (enhansed H263);

    MP42;S-Mpeg 4 v2;4CC;V;;;Microsoft MPEG-4 V2;

    MP43;S-Mpeg 4 v3;4CC;V;;;Microsoft MPEG-4 V3

    MP4A;MPEG-4 Audio;4CC;A;AAC;;Media Excel MPEG-4 Audio;

    MP4S;MS MPEG-4 v3;4CC;V;MPEG-4V;;Microsoft MPEG-4 (Windows Media 7.0)

    MP4T;MPEG-4 TS;4CC;M;MPEG-TS;;Media Excel MPEG-4 Transport Stream;

    MP4V;MPEG-4 Video;4CC;V;MPEG-4V;;Apple QuickTime MPEG-4 native;

    MPEG;MPEG;4CC;V;MPEG-V;;Chromatic MPEG 1 Video I Frame;

    MPEG-1A;MPEG-1 Audio;MediaInfo;A;MPEG-A;

    MPEG-1A L1;MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1;MediaInfo;A;MPEG-A;

    MPEG-1A L2;MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2;MediaInfo;A;MPEG-A;


    Updated to nVidia Drivers latest (461.72):

    • there is less jumping/jittering on the MATERIAL_Enscape model...
      • When sizing the window like a slightly tall rectangle (take a square window make it a bit tall) the jittering is very obvious
      • Make the window very wide and short and there is less noticeable jittering/jumping around...
    • Almost no frame skipping/hiccups with the Spartak model.

    I was just testing something with SketchUp models imported from the 3D Warehouse... and related to Real Time Rendering and Walk Mode / Fly Mode...

    Can anyone test loading the following models from the 3D Warehouse (to have the same reference models):

    • Spartak Stadium by Vlad Kissel
      • Fly mode skips frames when flying around the model, toward the stadium structure and inside of it
    • MATERIAL_Enscape by Lasino L.
      • Walking around definitely and without a doubt makes all objects jitter around.... very noticeable
        • Note that the Enscape Materials are also not all accurate, some vegetation does not show correctly (as mentioned in other forum posts)