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    jwals485 points out at a good monitor....

    Is color accuracy important, Liesbet99?

    I have an MSI same specs at 100Hz (34"), VA panel, makes a huge difference... FreeSync is awesome. Thinking of a 144Hz monitor at least with 35" to 38" with higher resolution as some documents do not exactly look as good and sharp on screen as on a 4K screen... There is one monitor (not as budget friendly) 1600 pixels vertical resolution that may accommodate my design and photo editing needs better (vector editing in CorelDraw 2019 and Photo Editing Affinity Photo, etc.)

    Monitor specs I am wishing for:

    • Ultrawide Monitor 3840x1600 @ 144Hz or higher (may have to wait to upgrade video card and monitor at the same time)
      • 34" or 35" to be able to keep my speakers on my desk, anything larger may require additional space
      • Document previews look better than in 3440x1440, but not bad so far. Again, depends on your needs/budget.

    As a note, Monoprice was selling some monitors 3440x1440 at 35" with 100Hz refresh rate at $300 USD and if you had a coupon you could get it down to $199... but I could not find that coupon... FreeSync enabled.

    I had a TCL 43" 4K TV before for the budget minded... color was not accurate even with HDR... editing photos seemed OK until I switched to the MSI monitor and saw how bad my previous photo edits on the TCL monitor looked... Also, I was always shifting back and forth on my seat to look at the entire screen or look closer at tiny text... not good.

    If so, maybe an IPs monitor? there are some deals if you check the posts at and read the replies from the community. They can be very enlightening.

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    AutoIT script can do it . Several years ago... I created an automation to save/export hundreds of Xerox files to PDF using AutoIt to systematically click and type in file names and select the correct folder and subfolders to export the files to...

    Script Idea for you:

    • Provide a folder for the output to replicate the structure of the source folder (if needed)
    • Read folder structure of source folder (and create folder and subfolder structure)
    • Build list of files of source folder
    • Click, click, type, click, export to desired folder
    • Have some coffee...
    • done...

    AutoIT is a scripting language, and older versions had a Macro recorder that can then create the AutoIT script for you and then you could edit it. There are other Scripting languages similar to AutoIT.

    Hope this helps.