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    Hi, I just came to the conclusion that in my configuration VA (the latest build) disables Enscape’s capabilities of updating the geometry in real-time. I tested many Rhino configurations until I uninstalled VA and now Enscape works just fine.

    The issue was happening with native rhino geometry as well as with VA geometry

    This is the VisualARQ website:

    Does anyone have this issue?

    Thank you


    I just posted a Thread with a similar issue.

    In my case, I restart and install/reinstall the plug-in and the tools still greyed out. Can't get this to work. I'm running latest build ion both Rhino and Enscape.

    See the image

    Hi, I'm using Rhino 7 latest builds and Ensacape latest version as well. For a reason that I ignore the ribbon with tools at the top of the render window in Enscape is greyed. And I get this message saying: Unavailable due to no document being active. or the active document not supporting this feature.

    See the attached screenshot

    Any idea what's going on?

    HI all,

    So I'm in RHINO 6 with the latest enscape version. I normally set my cameras using the named views window and display the safe frames on my viewport. Also the resolution and quality of the viewport is set in rhino options under render (see image bellow).

    For a reason that I ignore the batch render in Enscape does not render to the image as per Rhino's aspect ration. If I render the view manually it matches the Rhino aspect ration perfectly. Enscape capture settings have the same image size as my viewport (see bellow)

    Anyone with this kind of issues. Should I set the images using Enscape instead of Rhino's cameras?

    Thank you in advance

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    Have you tried to simply click the button right next to the start button itself, the "Live Updates" button? That should then activate our live updates accordingly. This way you should not have to repeat the process like you're doing at the moment. Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.

    Yes I did try it many times but it just don't update. This behavior happens with light and heavy rhino scenes. Did you watched the video I did it's quite explanatory.