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    Thanks for your answer. Actually I am doing some testing right now on different machines, before I choose the optimum price/performance combo. As for what I use:

    GPU: RTX4000, GTX2070, GTX 1660ti, GTX1650, Geforce 1060,

    CPU: Xeon E-2246G, i7-9750h, i5-9300 and Xeon 1650v2.

    And in overall I think it will be a major leap forward If I could use most powerfull PC as main machine, and as render machine I will choose the one with the best Graphics card. While it is not impossible to work on other stuff while rendering movies in Enscape, working on that PC is very slow if I start rendering in Adobe premiere, or batch edit all panoramas in Photoshop. I know that in theory I could batch-render everything over-night (not in Vectorworks that I use ;( ), but this workflow leaves me with longer turnaround time from start to finish. Offload rendering is just an idea, and I know it is a long shot, but it was worth to ask anyways.

    Keep up the good work!

    Batch render option kills both Enscape and Vectorworks, my guess it is because VW does not support this yet. Please push batch render in VW highier in your agenda. Without this, there is no way to do serious projects that require a lot of renders, and a lot of changes that require rendering it all again.

    Right now, when you work on complicated project and render video on Enscape, it makes it hard to do other work on the computer while waiting for render to finish, because it uses a lot of processing power. So it will be nice to have Enscape on separate PC connected to main PC with 3D software (like Vectorworks) via local network, so when you hit render only the second computer is busy, and you can continue working on different project in Vectorworks on main computer or any other things: like editing video in Premiere. Right now I need two Vectorworks licenses with project sharing and two Enscape License to be able to work and render without interruptions. I know this is complicated stuff, and possibly a long shot, but please pass this request to devs, maybe they will say it is relatively easy. I know the downside is that in a big design studio where you have couple of designers, there is a risk that they will buy only one license for render PC and share it, but there is an easy solution for that, make it like this: both main PC and render PC have to have the same version and license of Enscape and communicate via ethernet, or via Enscape project files that you export and import.

    I have experience with virtual TV studio and live concert industry where external rendering to offload work to secondary machine so the main runs as smooth as possible is quite often a necessity, ant this is where this idea came from. Below links of software/hardware that use this approach for reference:

    P.S. Enscape is an awesome software. Is is so good I honestly regret I did not give it a go some time ago when my friend told me about it.

    P.S2 Please speed up the batch render in Vectorworks, without this there is no way to render stuff from complex projects.

    I have Lenovo Legion Y540-15 i7-9750H/32GB/960/Win10X GTX1660Ti, so quite similar spec, but: 8gb of ram is too low, go for 16gb or 32gb if you have complex project files, try to find my CPU/GPU combo, processing power is important and on i5 it might be slower while importing geometry. And the biggest flaw of this laptop is that it crashes Enscape every time I have a more complex project and/or high resolution and/or Ultra quality render, depending on the project it crashes on different settings. I hope it is just my setup, and developers that are working on my support case will come up with a solution, but until then I suggest to rethink your options. I also have Lenovo Ideapad L340-15IRH 16 GB RAM/ 256 GB M.2 PCIe and it also struggles, but because the graphic card has "only" 4gb of memory, and on big projects it crashes because of low memory on GPU. So definitely don't go for cheaper GPU. Strangely enough, my old PC with Geforce 1060 3GB never had a single crash. Looks like PC's are better optimized for heavy duty workload I guess, so if you don't need portability go for PC.