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    Latest version of enscape (not beta)

    When you create a view in enscape it does not save the field of view in enscape. So when you change your view the field of view sticks and doesnt revert to the one you saved with your view.

    The view is actually written back to sketchup correctly. But switching views is better in esncape as its faster.

    Im actually presumiung the time of day doesnt save as well.

    If this is by design it would Be very helpful to have an option on what aspects can be saved in enscape in the create view (much like sketchup does)


    We agree, importing the Site Context data from Enscape WIndow into the application for manuipulation / material assignment / annotation would be very helpful.

    Please add this as a feature......

    I had to uninstall first.
    then install the 16/3 preview version in advanced mode and select - Install for all Users

    then it worked in SKP2022

    further edit..

    this did not work for a completely new install. hmmm.. hopefully 3.3 will be out soon.

    My firm purchased the Vive Pro 2 a few months ago. Our previous PC that we had did not have a RTX graphics card and we ran into serious issues with the overall resolution and experience. Since then we have upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 and its a night and day difference. Personally, I do not have another headset to compare it to but the overall experience is smooth and the resolution is now crisp with the new card. Being chorded is not a negative as we want to be with the clients to guide them through the model.

    Overall, if you or your firm are willing to spend a little extra on a headset, I would recommend the Vive Pro 2.

    we found going wireless to be quite liberating for clients and ended up with a very different experience. After saying that, the wireless does have some performance issues keeping up with complex scenes that wired did not seem to have..... this only seemed to be with enscape. Very complex game stuff seems to work fine over wireless.

    100% - Personally I left SKP for 3ds Max back in 2012 and picked it back up in 2019 and nothing has really changed except for the default scale figure. :D

    Thats pretty much true for 3dsmax as well.... welcome to the subscription model.

    Turning on the view management panel (or any side panel) changes the image size / aspect of the render

    I am usign the black bars so the image should stay the same size but it changes size if the panel is on or not

    Can we please float that panel or fix it so it doesnt change the ratio/size of the render.

    or even better some decent camera matching ability with an alpha channel

    I am using the interface trick to montage and its very frustrating trying to get the image to render correctly as you have to match every step perfectly every time you render something

    the viewport should just be the viewport.......



    any update on transparency for mp4 video textures?

    Maybe because its winter here, we have two clients who now wanting animated fires (unfortunately neither are in backed fireplaces so cant fake it)
    Happy to err test a Beta preview to try it out...


    Getting weird texture map error in SKp21, Enscape Release and preview

    RTX2080TI , 471.11

    Scene heavily edited in preview, went back to release version to try and render because of crashes



    Enscape Material editor is Loading wrong map in release version Enscape-3.0.2+45914 of enscape materials

    Sketchup shows correct texture in material slot

    Hi there

    I am doing animated slow camera moves with time of day changes in Skup 21 and Enscape-3.1.0-preview.10+49963
    Founders RTX 2080TI windows 10 pro (full uptodate)

    Nvidia studio 471.11

    And it crashes everytime

    It doesn’t do this if the time of day doesn’t change.

    At a wild guess its running out of VRAM as the release version stays way under the 11gb of ram but preview runs up to 11gb almost immediately.