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    Is there an option to turn tool tips off (cant find it)

    they get in the way when trying to adjust sliders as they sit over the next slider which you can adjust while its there.


    The pro is definitely worth the upgrade. the enscape rendering is less of an issue to us than the visual grain in the standard headset.
    With the pro we find within about 30-60 seconds your brain has removed the fine grain (of headset) from your perception which never went away with the standard one.

    We had a 2080 and now 3070 and tend to run in HIGH as Ultra seems to lag just a little too much (on both of them)

    The wireless option was a big game changer for us too and removed alot of the user issues with the device. Well worth that option. Make sure you have a spare PCI slot..

    It looks to me like Enscape isnt reading the font scaling parameter in windows correctly.

    The interface fonts are all waayy larger than they should be

    I'd also prefer a tighter interface without so much white space. It makes windows waay larger than they need to be.

    There is seems to be a tendancy to make programs feel like mobile apps which is terrible IMO. Alot of apps have a lot of white space because they dont do much and are simple programs. Enscape is not such an animal...
    If i can fit two windows on top of each other instead of side by side it makes me more productive. White space for the sake of it is not productive...

    Edge browser and Chrome both offer good options for those that have an APP or Desktop approach to the way they like by having the Compact, Normal and Open options for interface spacing.
    Look at how much Lightroom fits into an adjustment panel vs Enscape....

    Welcome to sketchup... the software of choice if you must do work arounds and many clicks for many simple things.

    There is a plugin / extension called Pivot around Axis kind of does what you need after the fact but not at time of placement.

    If anyone knows how to uniformly scale something in sketchup when its handles are outside the viewport, id love to know. (basically trying to scale and rotate trees that are on the edge of the frame)

    Add our studio to the list of massive thumbs down on the current preset implementation.

    Our biggest gripes

    • you have to make the preset first and then adjust, rather than adjust a scene (find one you like) and saving a preset.
    • You cant take a good present and refine, you have to recreate from scratch every time!!!!!
    • Autosave - urrk.... Waay too easy to lose any presets... A update preset option would be much better...

    Completely agree, using the library, particulalry as it grows is becoming so time prohibitive.

    we have 500/500 and its insanely slow.....

    My Wish list

    • Dont start loading anything, start with nothing selected
    • These are just images, surely it can be faster till it loads the content.
    • Please get offline/cached thumbnail loading sorted to speed up the UI. it should only check for 3d data once selected
    • Be able to tag an asset as LOCAL, to keep the 3d locally cached
    • Have a only display tagged/favourited assets option
    • going down a selection tree doesnt work backwards, you have to go back to the start
    • Allow users to make their own collection of Enscape Assets (our favourites)

    More speed captain. more speed.....................

    I would also like a hidden interface option

    The ability to float panels off the viewport for all functions - top left functions are locked into the viewport

    The way the view jumps as you turn panels off (selecting views) is very annoying....

    If the panels were detached it means people with dual screens can look at full screen view and edit parameters on second screen...

    The current setup makes client presentations very ugly...


    Im not getting continuous movement for trees/grass and clouds have stopped moving completley.




    is there a setting to enable this.. cant see it

    ahh found it it settings - Called RESTMODE
    please can this be moved to the visual settinbgs tab....

    Wasn't sure where to post this as its very generic and multi software.
    Just wanted to ask if the HTC Vive Pro Wireless kit was okay to use with Revit and Sketchup (enscape of course) with no issues?

    Some users had flagged issues with the wireless kit.

    Some other concerns

    • Is there any performance difference to wired and wireless people have found?
    • effective range of wireless for a room based walthrough

    thanks in advance for your feedback...