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    We cant seem to get the executables to run on microsoft surfacebooks with discrete graphics on them.

    They run su and enscape fine.

    Cant run the program

    Windows dialog pops up and says This app cant run on your pc, to find a version for your pc check with the sw publisher.

    this is from the latest beta.

    Echoing the please dont go down the path of custom libraries route.

    instead embrace content providers and develop plugins / interconnections.

    Work on proxy plugins and exporters for the content tools.

    Any library you build will become worthless in 6 months and out of date and also risk the experiences all become the same look.

    our 2.05c

    put us down for a create a sketchup scene from inside the enscape window, especially in vr mode and the viewpoint changes.

    At the moment, its almost a two person job to select the view in vr with one person. other person selects create scene in sketchup.

    completely understand this could be a limitation of reverse communication with sketchup.

    is anyone seeing any performance difference in sketchup on i7 vs xeon

    anecdotally, seems the xeon boxes seem a bit faster editing despite their much poorer graphics cards, (quaro2000s vs gtx1080)

    its not enscape performance, its in sketchup?

    We are having issues with sketchup Pro 2018 and

    changing material types in enscape material editor doesnt update in the enscape viewport and gets stuck on grass or water.

    going from general to grass to general leaves the grass effect displayed but odd parameters

    seems to cause sketchup pro to crash alot.

    About to try newest version to see if issues persist

    I agree a roller coaster mode in real time would be a great addition.

    A 360video could achieve a similar end result but the downside is it is precaculated and not interactive.

    We are often turning elements on and off to view design options or opportunities.

    We often get clients to just headset it and we navigate the journey and view locations, this controls the narritive and keeps them focused on the outcome.

    In free roam its far to easy for them to go off track.

    with a 360video the need to prerender these seems to becoming bit of a old school method of output given the quality of realtime and where it is headed.

    hey Demian

    Went to do yet another suggestion on this and remembered i had already done one.

    Yes please.

    It client demos, the view is often left just sitting while it is discussed, even in vr a person stands still

    and having the clouds and water move would add to the feeling of being there.

    Just a cheeky addition of animated time while in vr/realtime would be great as well, so the time changes from night to day to night


    Search in forum doesnt work as nothing turned up for RTX.

    reading the thread now........

    Hi Team

    With all the Nvidia hype around GTX in full run now, It certainly looks like its the next gen of realtime engines and will be a massive step up in realisim.

    Is the enscape team planning on adopting the new render engine?

    If so what sort of timeframe do you think for adoption of RTX?


    A big nudge for a 3dsmax plugin to come out soon.

    Very keen to see a web based version of the Enscape experience, It will dramatically change functionality. Occulus go support would be great, even if the tracking is not as good as dedicted headsets like rift or vive.

    I would like to see scene elements start to animate after a period of time as a static viewpoint.

    I know it builds higher quality, but when doing client demos the camera is often paused while elements are discussed.

    To have the sky slowly roll, water to move on a static camera would be nice.

    Currently only does this while camera is moving.


    I'd prefer animated vertex maps too - for leaves rather than dedicted libraries. Although animated proxies would be cool, but not sure how that happens out of sketchup.

    I would prefer not be reliant on a libraries from enscape, it will end up looking like lumion :o(