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    Its dual purpose for us.

    1. Static Renders done cheaply (aka fast). We see that speed and quality of enscape is fine for a number of our clients that dont have budgets for full on renders. We can do this as a value Add for our clients. We can then also use all our assets that we use in high end in Enscape. Sketchup assets are very low quality and sketchups tools are far too limiting. Sketchup is not a tool designed from the ground up to be in robust production pipeline. Revit is just the wrong tool for this type of work.

    2. Take our marketing renders, optimise them and deliver a VR experience. We understand the change in quality, the VR experience counters that.

    In rendered terms Low end doesnt carry the budget to pull off the fine detail you get to in marketing renders like rounded edges, translucency, refraction and diffusion, displacement and specular mapping.

    Traversing the library from / to Corona/Vray/Fstorm allows us to migrate from Low end to high end as required.

    One point to note, one of the biggest reasons small startups like FStorm and Corona are now serious tools is the ability to convert materials, scenes, proxies etc across from one format to the other. Without these, Vray would have complete domination of the market. With a few clicks you can change from one renderer to the other without much loss of fidelity in the details and complex shader information.

    So i cant state the importance of a robust and effective conversion routine.

    Those three render engines IMO are the dominant arch vis tools in use. You could add Redshift too.

    I also understand your purpose is one click nice render button from your design tool. But you have created a very high quality engine capable of changing the game in the way renders are produced. By allowing access though better modelling programs like 3dsmax/maya you will drive a greater market

    The more we use enscape, the more we like it.

    It is a shame its pinned to such a low end program like sketchup.

    Sketchup has its uses of course and its a great tool and a certain level, but enscape pushes that way beyond what sketchup is designed for.

    I would love to be able to use enscape in 3dsmax. I dont see it as competing against vray/corona/fstorm etc as we already use these tools, but the results are good enough for a lot of work we do that we generate out of max and sketchup cant deal with.

    done the leave the lights on.

    was hoping for a more progressive effect. Layer visibility works, just trying to animate it atm.

    new previews pretty good. less laggy than previous ones. Simon. please fix grass draw distance. its too short atm

    ill check the light brightness setting

    The water material is far too basic, it looks like a an oil slick when close to parallel.

    please add options for reflections, colour, translucency, bump, noise pattern, a few types of water, river, lake, ocean, shoreline (wave action)

    check out some of the game engines to see how they deal with it. Crysis has incredible breaking waves in their engine.

    Changing sun is already a killer feature for time of day and shadow review.

    Next logical step is lights.

    To have the lights turn on ( progressively wouldbe awesome ) as the sun dips down past horizon would blow our clients mind.

    More work for us as we have to do light setup, but be amazing to pull off.

    +1 for better grass.

    Height Control

    Some different grass types, variation

    Needs better LOD control in large scenes (outdoor)

    its ramped drawing scale is jarring in a vr experience as the background builds out. Better LOD would fix that.