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    When we create models in Rhino, the North direction doesn't necessarily align with the +Y direction in the model. Rhino provides a method to get around this by aligning the Sun to a different North orientation through the Sun panel. When this panel is open and adjusted in Rhino, Enscape correctly mimics the sun position and colour. However, if you then try to adjust the time of day setting through Enscape, North jumps back to the default position.

    For named view settings this isn't an issue as the Sun position (Azimuth/Altitude) will be saved and restored (instead of the time of day). For animations however, it stores the time of day only so the North position is not correct. Is there a way around this other than creating a separate render model with the rotation applied to the geometry?

    From trying to find information on this issue it sounds like it's possible to adjust North direction in other versions of Enscape (Revit etc.).

    Rick Marx

    My mistake, I was thinking back to a project where I had saved sun positions but that was a video project so they were saved with the timeline. It would be a very useful feature to have them stored with the views for reproducing the appearance in still renderings. I quite often accidentally change the time of day during navigation so it would be great to be able to restore it.

    Using the new Enscape 3.0 version in Rhino 7, I don't seem to be able to get the sun positions saved with the views. When I restore a view, only the position of the camera is updated.

    Also, I like that the view management is now in Enscape. However, it seems strange that the only way to delete or edit the viewpoint in an already saved view is to go back to Rhino and adjust or delete the corresponding Named View. Are there plans to have this function within Enscape in the future?