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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Julian Hangstoerfer  leecalisti  PhilBixby Just letting you know that I've fixed the issue with the Asset Library not opening from the Enscape Tool Set. As mentioned, the tool set wasn't added to my workspace (despite having migrated preferences from 2022) so I added it manually. What I've done to fix it is I've added Enscape to my workspace using the Tools > Third Party > Enscape dialogue as leecalisti mentioned above. Now I remember that was the way I had to add it when I first started using Enscape. I don't know why the manual method works for all Enscape tools except for the Asset Library, but it's working now so that's all that matters to me.

    Thanks everyone for your help.

    leecalisti yes there's an Aus specific version for which SP1 was only released yesterday.

    I don't know if that accounts for my issue but it's the only point of difference as far as I can tell. Yes, pretty frustrating.

    I haven't posted on the VW forum about this particular issue but did see the thread you've linked as I've been following the thread here. I'll contact VW AUS support in the morning. It's 12 am here. Time for bed!

    PhilBixby that's great. I wonder why I'm unable to launch the Asset Library and why the tools had to be manually added to my workspace. I've checked VW2022 and it's working as expected. The only difference as far as I know is that I'm running the AUS version of VW and I assume you and Lee are not.

    leecalisti have you tried opening the Asset Library from the Enscape Tool Set? Did you have to add the Enscape Tool Set by customizing your workspace or was it pre-loaded? When I launch the Asset Library from the Enscape Tool Set (which I had to add by customizing my workspace) nothing happens, but I can open the asset library from within the Enscape Renderer once launched.

    Can you please check if it works for you?

    Julian Hangstoerfer I haven't seen this before either and I've been using Enscape with VW since the first release. Nothing happens when I click on the Asset Library tool in the Enscape Tool Set. I also notice that the tool options appear different than they do in VW 2022. See attached screenshot. If I open the asset library from within the enscape renderer window, it works and I can see the assets. It's only failing to launch from the Tool Set.

    Thanks Julian Hangstoerfer . I've installed ver 3.4.2 and I'm on VW2023 SP1 but I can't get the Asset Library to load from the Tool Sets. I also had to add the Enscape tools to my workspace. I can open the Asset Library from within the enscape renderer once launched but cannot open it from the Enscape tool set. Any idea why this is the case? All the other tools in the Enscape tool set are opening without issue.

    I'm running the Australian Version of VW 2023 and I want to use Enscape but there is no SP1 available yet. Even if there was, it appears that according to this thread, it's not working anyway. Do we have a timeline for resolution?

    Thanks for the quick reply, Demian Gutberlet.

    I'm currently evaluating the 3d plant images supplied by Globe Plants. I purchased one of their files to test with the custom editor. First, I got the sketchup version, which I opened in VW, then exported to OBJ. I was able to import the OBJ file into the custom editor, and generate an asset. But it didn't look or perform as expected in VW. So I asked them to supply the FBX version. I don't know the details of how it was exported, and such. Is there a preferred method for exporting the models for use in Enscape? A preferred renderer to export from?

    Unfortunately, this is the only FBX file I have to work with. It may be a problem with this file only, but I can't test unless I have more files for comparison. Do you know where I could get a free FBX file to test? I hope it's not a problem with all the FBX files from Globe Plants, because I really want to be able to use their models with Vectorworks and Enscape. I haven't been able to find a comparable product of the plants I require. I suspect I won't be the only landscape designer that would like to use these models with this software combination, so I'm hoping we can work together somehow to make it happen!

    Do you think someone from Enscape can talk to someone at Globe Plants about making their models compatible with Enscape/VW? They currently support Sketchup (with Enscape), Lumion, 3ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4d.

    Demian Gutberlet thanks for your response. The 'create thread' button is available now. I was able to click the button and launch the thread dialog, but I didn't test further. I'll assume it works. Thanks!

    That guide is perfect! Just what I was looking for. I've tried to create a custom asset with an FBX file, but I got the attached error after clicking 'import geometry' then browsing to the FBX file and selecting it. So, I wasn't able to create the custom asset. Any idea what this error means?

    *Posting here because there is no 'create thread' in the Vectorworks area* (Why not?)

    I want to use custom 3d plants in Vectorworks. I can get models in FBX and Sketchup format from Globe Plants, but I don't have Sketchup. Vectorworks can import Sketchup files, but I don't know how to turn those into custom assets.

    Does the custom asset editor support FBX files? If not, what format should I look for? If so, do I just import the FBX file into the editor? Then what?

    Are there any step by step instructions for using the custom asset editor to create assets? Supported file types?

    Hoping someone can help with this.