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    I can help with that, took me ages to figure out why it wasnt working. So first you have to unsynchronize views (blue arrow cam) and next you will set your desire views within Enscape's window, when you are happy with the view you save it with the Enscape "Create scene". Now that you have all you scenes, if you want to render batch you have to keep sync views off and select the views you wanna render and it will all be good.

    Notice: sometimes it takes cut plane in consideration, no idea why BUT, I found that if you update your scene without the plane, it will still work.

    for the pixels that Enscape cuts, I'm not sure at all if it is possible to get rid of it...only in solo rendering I found on previsualization.

    You are awesome! I have been going insane wondering why some models/views worked well and others "zoomed out". I must have been creating some scenes while synced, and others while not synched. Some from setting the desired view in Sketchup, others in Enscape.

    This actually resolved the problem with the view "jumping back" , which was occurring in Enscape when I toggled between sync/unsync.

    So note to self, create views in Enscape, while Sketchup is not synced, then sync afterward. No more jumping back :)

    This is not occurring on every project, but quite badly on the one I am currently trying to complete. I have synched scenes between SketchUp and Enscape and they work perfectly while toggling and updating elements. The problem is once I unsync them (so that I can work in making changing in sketchup, all while seeing the final view in enscape), the Enscape scene zooms out pretty far. I am assuming this would be the image that is rendered as well, not the one that is shown in the scene while synced.

    I have gone through the steps/checks in provious posts about it, and updated my Enscape version this morning. Still no luck.