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  • Hi Mike,

    It's a pretty complicated process, and I only really did it to see if I could as it's quite a lot of effort for not a huge amount of reward! I put a post on the Dynamo forum a couple of years ago about the process involved, but it may be a bit of a complex thing to look at if you're new to Dynamo!…12799/12?u=alex_shovelton

    There are solutions out there for viewing point clouds in VR (one I've tested a trial for is Veesus Arena 4D -

    Good luck!

  • "It's possible to use dynamo to model a subsample of a linked point cloud in Revit, creating and assigning materials to the points based on their RGB values. It's very processor heavy and takes a while but the results can be pretty cool...(turn off auto exposure)"

    Hi Alex! I was wondering if you could elaborate on how you were able to generate this? I have a revit project with a point cloud and modeled elements and was wondering if I could export them both through Dynamo? (I've never used that software before, but do have a seat for it)

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!