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  • Hola Peter, estoy un poco desesperado, por eso me atreví a preguntarte esto.

    Hola, buenos días, necesito tu ayuda. Estoy trabajando en el proyecto universitario y me gustaría poder personalizar los activos para alcanzar un mejor nivel en mi presentación. pero al generar un activo personalizado utilizando el paisaje en revit, la imagen en miniatura nunca terminó de crearse. a continuación, buscar una alternativa y utilizar un generador de activos alternativo al único paisaje 3.0 trae, y funcionó con un ejemplo, el punto es que para crear una familia basada en este nuevo método necesito generar un . BIN del objeto que quiero en mis activos y no sé cómo hacer esto. Gracias de antemano por la ayuda, gracias!

  • Hi Pieter, Thank you for the Deep dive webinar. Could you please provide more details on how you applied solid colors on Enscape entourage? is it possible to simply swap solid white, grey or black depending on the view, so we do not see the triangulated mesh surface with 100s of lines?

    • Hey,

      Do you mean the method to color them in a revit view, or the method to make them full black or white in an Enscape render?

    • Hi, both in Revit view, and in Enscape Render please.

    • The methods are different between Revit and Enscape.


      --> by default, assets get the default category material, which is defined in the object styles dialog

      --> you can override in view any asset and assign it a solid pattern. Give the edges the same pattern as the solid pattern. This works for hidden line view and consistent colors, but not so much for shaded views or realistic views.

      --> if you have to override many assets, consider creating a view filter to do the overriding


      --> this is more advanced. First make you asset library local (checkbox bottom right of the asset library (only in the newest beta of enscape)

      --> now you have two options:

      ------> A: you track down the asset you want to edit, and modify the .gltf there (manually change the code)

      ------> B: you copy the asset to your custom library, change the ID in all locations and then proceed to change the .gltf

      If there's enough interest I could write a tutorial on this.

    • Thank you

    • Pieter, have you already made a tutorial on this? I'm trying to get solid color people in Enscape. I'm stuck at the part "manually change the code" from step A in your instructions above. Thanks!

  • Definitely. Use it for whatever project you want.

  • Hi Peter, this stuff is great, thanks !
    Quick question : I am trying to use this at work and I've been asked to ask for your confirmation that this can be used for commercial projects as well. Is that the case ?

  • Pieter - Is the Asset Creator available on GitHub or GitLab? I was going to raise an issue or pick up the issue myself depending on the language its written in. Thanks.

  • thanks for answering my message, my email is arielcuba88@gmail.com