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  • Hey man! You seem like you do a pretty broad variety of scenes - more complex large scale and interior. I'm curious about your workstation, GPU specifically. Any insight you might care to share would be appreciated!

  • Herbo,

    I am trying to use your work through from google earth to renderdoc to blender to sketchup to enscape. I was able to follow all the steps and get the workflow to work, but my resulting image is unuseable. I did not run through the Transmutr portion and maybe that is the issue but I found that the mesh created is not very detailed. Is there a way to up the detail of the mesh?

  • Hey Herbo,
    Amazing work. I love how you find unique workflows and tweaks that doesn't seem quite obvious.

    Curious if you have thought about using Unreal Engines Metahuman characters into Enscape as a proxy. Given Enscape's current limitations, character animations may not be possible. But hopefully we see this in the future. I dont have a Unreal to try this workflow myself. I wonder if Enscape would crash given the number of polygons in these characters.

    • Hi Ashley

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad that my experimentation can be of some use for others :)
      I have looked at the meta humans myself, but haven't tried anything yet, for two reasons:

      1. I dont have access to them :) My quixel/epic account does not have access to the models yet, so I cant get a hold of them just yet.

      2. Enscape is lacking some of the most important features for rendering humans... Namely Subsurface scattering and layered materials. This makes it almost impossible to get ultra realistic skintones, and humans always ends up with that uncanny walley look :)

      I would however love to see what they would look like! Unreal is a free piece of software, so if you want to experiment, it should be possible :)

      Best regards


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  • Hi Herbo!

    Now we're working with 3.0. Does still make sense, to change the grass 'picture' as you wrote, instead the standard?

    Thank you and, congratulation for you help in improving grass render!

    Have a nice day


  • Hi Herbo, would you be up to a video call regarding the visual settings issue? We'd like to understand your workflow better and even though we won't be able to implement any changes in time for 3.0 it might produce some insights for the future.

    • Hi Christian

      I think that is a great idea. I would love to give my insights in how we work, especially with heavy, advanced models.

      I'm in meetings all day tomorrow, but should be available sometime Monday? What time would be good for You?

      Best regards


    • I just sent you a PM Monday or Tuesday would be fine.

  • HI Herbo, I very like your post " NIght ride".
    Can you show about material setting? and Can you share the damaged road surface model?
    Thanks a lots Herbo
    You're master about material

  • Hi Herbo,
    I am an Architect in Nashville, TN US with Building Ideas Architecture.
    I typically use Lumion for projects, especially for exterior visualization because of the Effects & Plants & now the new workflow.
    For the past several months I've been experimenting with Enscape (w/Sketchup) for still images for both interior & exterior views because it it seemed easy to use.

    I noticed in the your Glass House project you used Speedtree. Because of Lumion I know what Speedtree is. I have looked at using it for exporting trees for use in SU for Enscape proxies, but I don't know the workflow to get it to be imported with textures. I also use Retextured FBX trees from various sources to import into SU for Enscape. That works ok.

    Are you interested in paid consulting on an as need basis to answer Enscape workflow questions?
    Right now the questions are about step by step procedures for getting unique high quality (non-Enscape) plant materials into Enscape.
    Please let me know.
    Email me at dbaird@building-ideas.net if interested.
    Thank you,
    David Baird

  • Hi there,

    You have an amazing collection of projects and renderings. Thank you for sharing what Enscape can potentially generate.

    Can I ask you where you get your entourage and people from? Your renderings have a variety of people expanded from what Enscape has to offer.

    Please let me know. Thank you!

    • HI there!

      Sorry for the late reply :) I had NO idea I had this wall-thing on my profile ;) so i didn't see your message before :)

      I work mainly in sketchup, and that makes it alot easier to get hold of great models. In revit that can be much harder. I know the team is working on some ways to bring assets into enscape/revit from other sources, but I have no idea how far they have come :)

      In sketchup this Link is a great place to start for great models:


      Good luck :)

    • Hi Herbo,

      Been trying for a week now to extract from google earth as you did in your youtube clip. But when I downloaded the lastest Renderdoc app it no longer allows you to 'inject into project.' The option doesn't appear no matter if you open as administrator or use an older version. Emailed the renderdoc guys direct and they said hey removed the function.

      Do you have any workarounds? Or a version of renderdoc that still has the 'inject into project' function?

      Anything you could suggest would be appreciated.