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  • Hi there,

    You have an amazing collection of projects and renderings. Thank you for sharing what Enscape can potentially generate.

    Can I ask you where you get your entourage and people from? Your renderings have a variety of people expanded from what Enscape has to offer.

    Please let me know. Thank you!
    • HI there!

      Sorry for the late reply :) I had NO idea I had this wall-thing on my profile ;) so i didn't see your message before :)

      I work mainly in sketchup, and that makes it alot easier to get hold of great models. In revit that can be much harder. I know the team is working on some ways to bring assets into enscape/revit from other sources, but I have no idea how far they have come :)

      In sketchup this Link is a great place to start for great models:


      Good luck :)