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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.
  • Hi, you could try to request IES light support by Rhino itself. If the McNeel team add an option to load an IES file, than we could get it for Enscape quite easy too. So, best you ask at the Rhino forum too.

    • i was thinking this, discovering enscape plugin. I already understand that the guilty is the rhino staff and not from enscape. i also understand a thing about mcneel developers, they are focused completely in R6 and the time that they give to plugins is really not much. their after 5 Years are not able to solve the bugs inside the own brazil plugins, and the cost of it is more than vray, about 839€, vray is about 730€ these make no sense at all. i don't think they will introduce ies support in rhinorender cause is not a priority for the staff. Rhino is a nurbs modeller and if you want give at your client a product image you have only a choise, buy a pluging that works inside rhino like a charm, so ok Vray, ok thea ok brazil...but you must wait biblic time for a quality render.. enscape is a innovation for me...after 2 minutes(not hours and for thisreason is the only plugin that deserves the licence cost,half price than others) it gift to me a render with an acceptable final quality

    • So, only we can hope that the Enscape team grows and got enough power to write solid own plugins like the Vray team. My problem with Enscape is that there could be added so much little easy stuff, but we don't get it, because the team is to small. Writing a plugin doesn't need any specialist like writing a magic render engine ... .

    • at enscape, they said that an own lights popup is too expensive to realize, despite sketchup has... this is really strange for me. another thing: sketchup is horrible if compared to rhino, but the most supported cad program is SU from staff, and this no make any sense too. For now you can manage enscape inside rhino only for fast shoots and for exteriors because the source ligths for these kind of representations is totally compatible from rhino. sun ok, rect. lights work fine, but for interiors i think you must stay on Vray or thea render or brazil if you use rhinoceros ad modeller. i don't understand how they managed their plugin to be soo fast, never seen any thing like that before, i already tried vray brazil, thea, fluidray, but they work on cpu and also on gpu but weren't not, surely, fast as enscape. 2 h against minutes is a huge difference if you want to be productive as soon as possible. however i already enjoined the topic of enscape on

    • It's so fast because it calculate the range within the camera view only. It's called screen space calculation - fast, but with some limitations. For example the Blender render engine Eevee based on this technic too - here an impressive video:

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    • I know Eevee already, i will take a look around also. Thanks