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  • If you see your last post on the Preview 3.1 version was has been removed, ive done that just due to the release being put back a day.

    The issue about visual presets overwriting behavior is known about, but nothing included in this preview release.
    I cant tell you if that is scheduled in at this point either.

    I hope this is ok.

    • As long as it's getting addressed. This is a pretty high priority for me, as I don't want to lose constancy between renderings. I'm sticking with 2.9 for now, so it's not a problem for me at the moment. I'll go ahead and wait to hear more from you all about how it's getting resolved.

  • Hi.

    We will be using your Rialto Apartment building for an internal presentation as an example of a Success Story. So just internal for all Enscape employees. I was wondering if you could follow up on how well this marketing has gone, and perhaps how many apartments have been sold using virtual walk throughs?

    I look forward to your reply.