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  • I keep looking at old posts regarding Rhino/VisualARQ/Enscape and materials not rendering correctly.

    Has there been any resolution or a workaround to this issue?


    Phil Rader


    • None that I've seen, my workaround is to use Extract Render Mesh on all VisualARQ objects and hide them, then apply Box Texture mapping per material to all resulting meshes. It's a huge pain.

    • (huge pain)

      I would agree with that.

      Do you foresee a fix for this or is this one of those "it is what it is" issues that never get resolved.

    • I simply don't know... It's been like this for a long time and I'm sure Rhino users are at the bottom of Market share for Enscape, which is probably why it's so difficult to enact change as users. This is the best bet we have I think.