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  • Hello Quang,

    I got the tip at the forum that you made a fluffy cushion. Would you be so kind and help me find out how to make it?

    If you have a texture for selling that wopuld be also a option for me?

    I am using sketchup as main drawing software.

    kind regards,

    Rianne van den Brand

  • how did you make that fur pillow?

  • Hi Quang,

    We are looking for a company that can create a few materials for Revit to be used in the escape. Do you offer consulting services?



  • привет, пожалуйста, поделитесь с Enscape 3 лицензии я также хочу внести свой вклад в enscape творческой группы

  • Hi, Quang nice to know your work with Enscape here. I'm very hard to learn how to set the best outdoor/exterior light setting, can you share your experience about that please?

    • Hi EIZoel,

      I have sent a file of instructions on how to render the Exterior to the enscape team, when they are published you can consult