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  • helo i received today email from enscape employee about some phishing scam targeting enscape community
    is it real email from enscape or not ?
    • If it's from silva lares ( it's NOT from Enscape. Please simply ignore and delete this e-mail. If you received a further e-mail stating what I just mentioned above, then it's from Enscape (Lisa sent it out).
  • hi there- my model and topography is higher than the Enscape town landscape - please advise
    • Hi Glenn, you can gladly send me a few screenshots of this behavior via PM, or create a dedicated forum thread through which I can help you further with this. Generally, a skybox/horizon cannot be moved up and down - usually, it's a matter of camera perspective to have the model evened out. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Demian,

    I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I'm having. I am using the trial version of Enscape with Sketchup. I have various Section cuts activated but they are not active in the render view? Does you know how I can fix this please?

    Thank you
  • I'm currently researching VR software and have downloaded Enscape free trial to demo. I was wondering can you do multi user meetings with it like you can with Prospect by Iris VR? If not is this something that you might consider adding in the future? Thanks!
    • It's definitely on our agenda, filed as a feature request, to which I've just added a further upvote through your voice. ;) Thanks!
  • Hi Damien, two questions:
    1) is there an "Allplan plugin" in your plans?
    2) could you make a list/info of "bottom line" graphic cards supported by Enscape (especially on laptops)? this could help in decisions on providing one...
    • 1.) It's on our agenda, I've added your voice in form of another upvote! ;)
      2.) We plan adding more info along these lines soon in general, thanks for the feedback!
  • Hi Damien, I just learned about Sketchup Proxy and I am trying to use them in my heavy loaded model (5 storey house fully furnished + plants). When I placed the "proxy plant" (see through square) in my model, I only see white boxes in Enscape. I can't seem to make it work at all!!! Any advice?
  • hello i did it today like u said ...will wait for a reply pls just confirm u understand my strange english .....
  • Hi Damien, trying to import textures in Revit from texture haven but it wont work. I am creating a new material and giving the picture of diffuse as an image and then inserting the 'bump' jpeg..still wont work
  • Good morning,
    I would like to render a video with Ensacpe, but have different phases in Revit.
    I created a video in which i rendered the different phases one by one with Enscape and cut them together afterwards with another program.

    Is there anything planned for the future to combine the phases in Revit with an animation in Enscape?
    • Hi Simon, it's on our agenda, filed as a feature request and I've given the topic a further upvote through your voice. Without being able to make any promises: This could find its way into Enscape with 2.6. But again, that is not certain yet. :)
  • Hey, any update on this problem??

    It's killing me right now…754-tree-leaves-are-lost/
  • hello friend I have a problem with enscape 3.2 tells me that my card is not compatible with opengl 4.2 I have a 9600gt force card and 8 ram memory DDR
  • Thanks! but.. I meant: could I test a new version, 2.5? :) do I have to apply somewhere...? ;)
  • Excuse me, but where can I get a new preview version? :)
  • Demian,
    We "know" each other from this forum. I wroto to you (Enscape Team) few letters concerning the licence. Could you check what happened about the answers? I did mot reveive them... 😁
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks!