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    1. Hello, the assets in the last updates were very nice and good. Unfortunately, the plants for the German area are only partially usable. Please create plants with more European species in the next updates. e.g. Roof plane trees, ball maple, lavender, roses, rhododendrons etc.
  • Hi Demian,

    I am using Enscape with Revit and I am wondering how is it possible to use the new models added to Asset Library. Is there any way to import them to Revit through the Executable Standalones or the Web Standalones? None of them are in revit format.


  • ola irmão tudo bem? quando vai sair uma atualização de espelhos? queria saber se não teria como disponibilizar um mapa specular para reflexos, e se teria como o comando de sombra funcionar com iluminação retângulo

  • Hi Demian,
    We are working with Enscape 2.6 and Rhino 6. What is the best workflow for applying the same escape materials in different rhino files?
    We are also having some issues with the bump value resetting as soon as we close the enscape material editor and are hoping you can help!

  • Hi Demian,

    I have just finished 2nd Enscape Guidebook in Vietnamese, I wrote 1st last year and they are very popular now.

    I love Enscape so much and wanna my friends know it, too.

    1st book:

    password download: tranminhluan

    2nd book:

    password download: tranminhluan

    Thank you for making Enscape.

  • Hi Demian,

    Is a somehow possible to get a new 14 days trial? One of my customers activated his trial and went on vacation afterwards.

    Kind regards,

  • When using IES photometric files for lighting, one really needs to see the candlepower curve in order to aim them properly. I am attempting use asymmetric grazing fixtures to uplight some pilasters, and I cannot get them aimed and aligned properly short of randomly moving them around and guessing about their performance. The rendered performance seems drastically incorrect based on real-world experience with the fixtures in question. How can we get a visual indication of the actual IES candlepower curve? Also, when using street lamps we seem to be losing the proper light distribution and ending up with a nondescript blob of light landing on the ground when we should be seeing specific type III wide , type IV forward throw, and type V square patterns. I really don't feel like i can trust the accuracy of the images at all now, even though they look pretty.

  • I am getting a blank screen when i activate enscape in sketch up. Could it be due to the file size?

    • In that case, kindly send in a feedback report as described here so that we can analyze the cause behind this issue:

      asset library - feedback

    • i have submitted the feedback as you suggested. All the same, do you have any ideas? could it be due to the file size or the number of components?

    • You can share the e-mail you've used to submit feedback (via PM) with me so that I can have a look at it in our system! Otherwise you should receive a response from one of my colleagues to help with resolving this. :)

  • Hi Demian,

    I was on the demo hosted by you yesterday. Our line got cut the last minute when I was asking you about whether it's better to make the bump map separately (in photoshop) in order to get a better rendering outcome for the carpet. You said you have something to share with me through email, I haven't received yet.

    Thank you again for your time and sharing.



    • Hi Ting,

      You should've received an e-mail from me already; could you also check your spam folder please? :) In any case, I've sent you a further e-mail to the address which you've used to sign up for the Webinar, let me know in case you don't receive it.

    • Hi Demian

      Thank you for your email! I did check my junk email, turns out your email wasn't there as well. However, I got the one you sent earlier today. Thank you very much.

    • Perfect! You're very welcome!

  • Hi Demian, can you please help me, I am not sure what the issue is, but whenever I try to activate my Enscape, it just keeps saying the same error message.

    "New License status = 64
    Your license could not be activated probably because you've exceeded the number of seats for your license. You can try to revoke your license in the "About" panel on your other machine. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Enscape support via the feedback button!"

  • hi demian,i have trouble with enscape material,everything was ok,all features is ok, until I want to edit my material from sketchup in enscape material feature,when I clicked enscape material button,nothing happen

  • Hey Demian,

    I'm trying to create a batch file for deployment of Enscape. In a forum post you recommended the link below to other users. I was able to access the other day, but upon returning I get a 404 error. Thoughts?…nstaller-program-options/



  • Привет Демьян! Пожалуйста, скажите мне, как я могу поделиться своей работой. Спасибо!

  • I've tried posting some of my work in the forum, and I get posted Blocked Images with a link to the image. What am I doing wrong that the image doesn't automatically appear in the post?

    Thanks for the help. Trench

  • eu queria vê a questão do meu serial que esta com problemas tambem!

  • olá, você pode sim usar minhas imagens na galeria do Enscape :)

  • Thanks for you fast feedback and input on all topics :)

  • hello demian
    since your warning I am translating my comments in the forum but they translate automatically.
    sometimes I get it sometimes it appears in english for me and the forum goes to portuguese.
    hug cezar

    • Thanks for your response! :) No worries cezar. You can of course also edit your posts if they are automatically translated into Portuguese by accident. Again, thanks for your understanding! Enjoy your stay! Looking forward to further renderings from you.

  • Hi Demian,

    i just got New licence status = 262144 message.

    What should I do?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Demian,

    I recently reformatted my computer and reinstalled Enscape. However, I cannot activate my license. It says that I have exceeded the number of seats. Error new license - 64

    What does this mean? I am the only user and I only use 1 computer. Please check this immediately and fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Demian.

    I have a quetstion about the asset library in revit.

    It does not seem to appear in my screen. So all options show, but there is no asset library icon.

    Thank you in advance!


    • Please be aware, that the Asset Library is not supported by Revit 2015 or 2016. To use the Asset Library, you require at least Revit 2017.

  • Waiting for you to connect with Allplan to acquire the Enscape license. When will the connection with Allplan?

    • It's definitely on our agenda filed as a feature request. I've gladly added your upvote and feedback to the topic so that our developers will be aware of the further demand for this implementation. :) Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for the reply. I will follow you in the news of Enscape.

  • How to I submit our projects to you for showcase?

    • You can gladly share renderings of your projects as showcase here: Showcase or, if we would be allowed to use them for presentations / internal showcases / on exhibitions, you can gladly also send any of them to me directly via PM. :)

  • Hi I'm having trouble activating my license. My system was having problem that I need to Reboot/Reprogram/Restart again which I haven't got the chance to revoke the license.

    Now, I'm reinstalling all of my programs including enscape. I was trying to enter the license key and it's showing ... license is exceeded

  • Hi Demian, Silly question but how do I PM you?

    • Simply click on my name here, then you're in my profile, where you can see a little "User" button, right next to the pen button. I also sent you a PM so you can simply answer me. :)

  • hi,I want to show my renderings in the forum, but these images are all larger than 2m. What should I do?

    • The current limit is 3mb. In that case, kindly export them in a lower resolution (1080p) for example, or set the file format to .jpg in the Capture tab of the Enscape Settings. I'll discuss if we may raise this limit a bit further.

  • Hello, I have a question. My Sketchup is 2017. One day I've opened my Sketchup and saw "Could not load Enscape Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015" and i've download it. Still no response... what should i do?

  • helo i received today email from enscape employee about some phishing scam targeting enscape community
    is it real email from enscape or not ?

    • If it's from silva lares ( it's NOT from Enscape. Please simply ignore and delete this e-mail. If you received a further e-mail stating what I just mentioned above, then it's from Enscape (Lisa sent it out).

  • hi there- my model and topography is higher than the Enscape town landscape - please advise

    • Hi Glenn, you can gladly send me a few screenshots of this behavior via PM, or create a dedicated forum thread through which I can help you further with this. Generally, a skybox/horizon cannot be moved up and down - usually, it's a matter of camera perspective to have the model evened out. Thanks in advance!