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  • Hello. Please could you let me know your full PC specification, or maybe advise on a good place to purchase a PC specifically for our line of work. I specified my own a few years ago, but there's too much that I don't know for me to risk doing it again.

    Thank you.

    Edit: I primarily use Sketchup, Enscape and Photoshop.

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    • Hi

      I understand you use enscape to render. but software do you use for design or modelling and what is your budget.

      you need only the Cpu specs or a complete set. Do you already have any parts that can be reused in the new build. and is there any preference on anything already

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  • Hi Damian, PLEASE HELP I saw one of your comments "

    As stated by my colleague in the feedback ticket of yours, in most cases, this issue is related to conflicting software.

    Would you please be so very kind to check for the following software and either disable it and/or deny the autostart when you boot your operating system:

    Asus Sonic Studio II

    Alienware Sound Center


    MSI Nahimic

    If you do not have the above software included, or disabling the software does not resolve the issue for you, then please don’t hesitate in getting back in touch.

    Just posting this here as well so that anyone else who stumbles on this thread is aware of the solution to this particular 5% problem." I have this problem but do not have this software and have already updated my graphic driver card. What do I do I need to get on Enscape.

  • Hi Demian, I am currently beta testing Archicad 24 and was wondering if there was any chance of getting a v24 add-on for enscape so that I can apply my current workflow to the beta testing process. happy to do any testing you guys would need. Thanks

  • Hi, cannot find any info. about when Sketchup 2020 (released 2 days ago) will be supported by Enscape. Do you know when?

  • hello, I would like to ask you a question ,about what i am facing in enscape, that my model is not showing in encape at all.thank you

    • I'm sorry to hear about that - could you maybe send over the project? You can upload it to for example and then send me the link via personal message in this forum.

  • Hi,

    I would like to show you my work in enscape, but I don't know where shall publish it. ;) It's definitely not Christmas rendering competition category. ;0 I's a project of a high school in Warsaw, entirely made in revit 2020 + enscape, + minimum photoshop (used only for lamps, that where bad families from revit ).

    • Just post it in the showcase section of this forum! The showcase section can be used to post any renderings you like, not just for enscapeunwrapped. :)

  • Hello I have a problem activating my student licenses, this is what I get when I put the activation key [Blocked Image:]

    • Looks like you've used up your activation - I can reset them for your, please simply send me your license key via PM for this (or your student e-mail address).

  • Hey Damien basically i download escape yesterday on my laptop, however, my laptop could not handle enscape and kept crashing. so i want to download it on my uni computer. so is it possible to revoke my license from laptop sothat i can download the escape on better pc. because I try to install it on my uni pc but it does not let me because i exceed the amount of licence

  • Hello i cant see my enscape light objects such as rectangle ones and so on and my library warehouse as well doesnt show.

    • It simply looks like you're using an outdated version of Enscape judging by the screenshots you've sent me. I've sent you the link through which you can acquire our latest release via PM. :)

  • Hellow.. I wanna revoke my student lincense from my old notebook because I use the new one.. Please send me the instruction on my email.. Thanks a lot..

  • Hello, I've been trying to enter my account on enscape and apparently every time I try to sign in. It say I've have no credential. So, I tried registering again. Same thing. I have the trial on enscape but I've send for the student license and the code either invalid or New license status 64 keep appearing. Can You help me please. I'm desperate here

    • Hey @t_v65, please send me a PM with either your student e-mail you've used to acquire a license, or send me the license itself, also via PM. :) Then I can reset the activations so that you can successfully activate Enscape.

  • e quando vai sair a versão com os espelhos melhores?

  • Hi Demian. Is there a way to manage the angle of view in enscape settings. I want my view to be wide vertically so that i can capture more views in the floor to ceiling without expanding the sides.

    More thanks in advance.

  • Code
    Hello, the assets in the last updates were very nice and good. Unfortunately, the plants for the German area are only partially usable. Please create plants with more European species in the next updates. e.g. Roof plane trees, ball maple, lavender, roses, rhododendrons etc.
  • I am getting a blank screen when i activate enscape in sketch up. Could it be due to the file size?

    • In that case, kindly send in a feedback report as described here so that we can analyze the cause behind this issue:

      asset library - feedback

    • i have submitted the feedback as you suggested. All the same, do you have any ideas? could it be due to the file size or the number of components?

    • You can share the e-mail you've used to submit feedback (via PM) with me so that I can have a look at it in our system! Otherwise you should receive a response from one of my colleagues to help with resolving this. :)

  • Hi Demian,

    I was on the demo hosted by you yesterday. Our line got cut the last minute when I was asking you about whether it's better to make the bump map separately (in photoshop) in order to get a better rendering outcome for the carpet. You said you have something to share with me through email, I haven't received yet.

    Thank you again for your time and sharing.



    • Hi Ting,

      You should've received an e-mail from me already; could you also check your spam folder please? :) In any case, I've sent you a further e-mail to the address which you've used to sign up for the Webinar, let me know in case you don't receive it.

    • Hi Demian

      Thank you for your email! I did check my junk email, turns out your email wasn't there as well. However, I got the one you sent earlier today. Thank you very much.

    • Perfect! You're very welcome!

  • Hi Demian, can you please help me, I am not sure what the issue is, but whenever I try to activate my Enscape, it just keeps saying the same error message.

    "New License status = 64
    Your license could not be activated probably because you've exceeded the number of seats for your license. You can try to revoke your license in the "About" panel on your other machine. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Enscape support via the feedback button!"

  • hi demian,i have trouble with enscape material,everything was ok,all features is ok, until I want to edit my material from sketchup in enscape material feature,when I clicked enscape material button,nothing happen

  • Hey Demian,

    I'm trying to create a batch file for deployment of Enscape. In a forum post you recommended the link below to other users. I was able to access the other day, but upon returning I get a 404 error. Thoughts?…nstaller-program-options/



  • I've tried posting some of my work in the forum, and I get posted Blocked Images with a link to the image. What am I doing wrong that the image doesn't automatically appear in the post?

    Thanks for the help. Trench

  • eu queria vê a questão do meu serial que esta com problemas tambem!

  • olá, você pode sim usar minhas imagens na galeria do Enscape :)

  • Thanks for you fast feedback and input on all topics :)

  • hello demian
    since your warning I am translating my comments in the forum but they translate automatically.
    sometimes I get it sometimes it appears in english for me and the forum goes to portuguese.
    hug cezar

    • Thanks for your response! :) No worries cezar. You can of course also edit your posts if they are automatically translated into Portuguese by accident. Again, thanks for your understanding! Enjoy your stay! Looking forward to further renderings from you.

  • Hi Demian.

    I have a quetstion about the asset library in revit.

    It does not seem to appear in my screen. So all options show, but there is no asset library icon.

    Thank you in advance!


    • Please be aware, that the Asset Library is not supported by Revit 2015 or 2016. To use the Asset Library, you require at least Revit 2017.

  • Waiting for you to connect with Allplan to acquire the Enscape license. When will the connection with Allplan?

    • It's definitely on our agenda filed as a feature request. I've gladly added your upvote and feedback to the topic so that our developers will be aware of the further demand for this implementation. :) Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for the reply. I will follow you in the news of Enscape.

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  • How to I submit our projects to you for showcase?

    • You can gladly share renderings of your projects as showcase here: Showcase or, if we would be allowed to use them for presentations / internal showcases / on exhibitions, you can gladly also send any of them to me directly via PM. :)

  • Hi I'm having trouble activating my license. My system was having problem that I need to Reboot/Reprogram/Restart again which I haven't got the chance to revoke the license.

    Now, I'm reinstalling all of my programs including enscape. I was trying to enter the license key and it's showing ... license is exceeded

  • Hi Demian, Silly question but how do I PM you?

    • Simply click on my name here, then you're in my profile, where you can see a little "User" button, right next to the pen button. I also sent you a PM so you can simply answer me. :)