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  • Hi Helen,

    how i can disable a Enscape's licence for a PC who has be reseting please ?

    Thanks for your help.



  • Hello Helen! I've got a student license yesterday! Beside, I changed my laptop and desktop so that, I got an message from enscape like that.

    Your license could not be activated, probably because you've exceeded the number of seats for your license. You can try to revoke your license in the Licensing tab of the General Settings window on your other machine.

    I'm really sorry that I forgot to deactivate my last license before I got new laptop and Desktop!!

    Help me~~~~

    • Hello! Would you please be so kind as to contact student@enscape3d.com, including in your email the email address you used to apply for your student license? Our support team will be happy to assist you. Thanks in advance!

  • Good day,

    I want to have the student version of Enscape software. Iam a student from India doing B.Arch

    How to apply for same?

  • Hi Helen

    We are unable to use our license as it is locked to a pc that has been reset, can you remotely reset this?