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  • hello Mr Schander . have a question
    how can it possible one of my Render Publish in gallery part of enscape site??
    because we want our Apprentice see our work then they can Decision better for using Enscape for they projects
    • Sure, great idea! Please send us the images without watermarks to info.(at)! We're happy to show it on our gallery. We'll show your logo or forum name in the corner as you can see on the other images. Please include it in your mail. Thanks!
    • thank you dear Thomas but I couldent send my project because the adress didnt let me to send (info.(at)
      would you please give me an adress again?
    • .(at). stands for the @ sign. And remove the brackets around the email address. Then it will work ;)
  • Here is the requested file that causes the camera clipping:…%20EXPORT%202013.skp?dl=0
  • Hi Thomas,

    Why is it so hard to find the download page on the website? Can you direct me to the download softward for sketchup, please? Than you.
  • Hello Thomas,

    I m working in Bouygues Construction and i buy a licence few days ago.
    I check agenda development and i see: "show bim information while clicking on objects". Clearly, Enscape is really good but with this feature, it will be awesome !!! :)
    Have you an idea on the release date of this feature.

    If it works, i think i can push most of our clients and facilities manager to invest on enscape...

    Best regards,
    Aurélien Deschamps