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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Feedback button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Hi Guys,

    I just purchased a monthly license of Enscape but I dont know where to get the 2.2 version installer I'm still having the old 2.1 version running.

    Where can I download the version 2.2?

    Thanks and Regards...


  • Hi Thomas just wondering if there is any issues with mirror reflections I'm having trouble with them when you render the reflection is just a flat colour no textures at all any ideas how to fix this, I have some screenshots but don't know how to post them .
    Thanks Projex

    • The off-screen reflections are currently not textured for performance reasons. See: Reflection in mirror?

      This might change in the future.

    • But why has this changed I had perfect reflections working in my last project, it is very important for my final renders to have good reflections I design and renovate high quality bathrooms for a living so my clients expect a true presentation of the new bathroom.

    • This has not been changed for the worse. Enscapes reflections have never been a higher quality.

  • Hi Thomas,
    I am wondering if you have heard of the "Winner" kitchen software; they have the market share in the design software used by kitchen designers. They have an good static render output, but I think they would really benefit from your software to provide walk-through presentations.

    • Never heard of that, thanks for mentioning.

    • I'm about to move jobs and work closer with this software - I will be trying to convince them to export the models so that they can be demonstrated within Enscape, but they tend to be reluctant to do this sort of thing.
      I think it would be a good tie-in opportunity and could give you access to the massive texture libraries they hold.

  • Hey Thomas,
    I hope this is the way to post a comment I am still trying to understand how to post here, is there a way to add different lights than spot or just light source for example if you have a sign and you want just the letters to be lit up, would be nice to have some sort of led strip lighting effect for cove lighting etc. - is there any way to achieve this? in one of the extensions I was using you could simply choose a surface regardless of its shape and when pressed light it would illuminate it with different settings, led, halogen, fluorecent.
    thank you!

    • Use an emissive surface for that. You'll learn more about materials here:

      Why doesn't it work to post in the forum? Is there a technical problem?

    • I just don't see anywhere a reply or post button so I have no idea how to post.

    • Thanks for mentioning, there seems to be a technical issue with our forum. We will see how to fix it.

    • thank you for your help, just one last question if you don't mind, the emitting keyword is amazing but I couldn't figure how to control the luminance the light is emitting since it is not recognized by the Enscape objects is there another way to do it? I also noticed a lot of people has a black atmosphere and for some reason, I don't have that, is there a library with atmospheres I can download somewhere? thank you!

  • Sorry to PM you, but I have had no response from other than an acknowledgement from an e-mail sent on Monday - Can you at least get an 'estimated response time' put into these auto replies? (... and chase whomever picks up the helpdesk tickets ;) )

  • Hi, are you working? I have about three days trying to solve an enscape license trouble without solution.

    • Yes we are working. We will handle your request shortly, my apologies for the longer response time. Our support is very busy right now, but we're trying hard to become faster.

  • Guten Morgan
    Just wondering if you have any ALPHA or beta to test the Windows Mixed Reality headset with the system. I have gotten it to work but not as smooth.

  • Hi the 1 month license my boss bought me won't work... can you help please? Thanks

  • Hello
    Why do you erase my posts?

  • hello Mr Schander . have a question
    how can it possible one of my Render Publish in gallery part of enscape site??
    because we want our Apprentice see our work then they can Decision better for using Enscape for they projects

    • Sure, great idea! Please send us the images without watermarks to info.(at)! We're happy to show it on our gallery. We'll show your logo or forum name in the corner as you can see on the other images. Please include it in your mail. Thanks!

    • thank you dear Thomas but I couldent send my project because the adress didnt let me to send (info.(at)
      would you please give me an adress again?

    • .(at). stands for the @ sign. And remove the brackets around the email address. Then it will work ;)

  • Here is the requested file that causes the camera clipping:…%20EXPORT%202013.skp?dl=0

  • Hi Thomas,

    Why is it so hard to find the download page on the website? Can you direct me to the download softward for sketchup, please? Than you.

  • Hello Thomas,

    I m working in Bouygues Construction and i buy a licence few days ago.
    I check agenda development and i see: "show bim information while clicking on objects". Clearly, Enscape is really good but with this feature, it will be awesome !!! :)
    Have you an idea on the release date of this feature.

    If it works, i think i can push most of our clients and facilities manager to invest on enscape...

    Best regards,
    Aurélien Deschamps