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  • Hi,

    I've been looking through your images and they are amazing. Could you tell me if you use revit or sketchup and where you get your textures from?

    • We have a saying - better late than never. :) I'm using Sketchup. I have been working for a long time and have already accumulated a large collection of textures collected from a huge number of different sites.

    • I'm not sure who uses Sketchup, Dathouzz or Bas.lab? I love SketchUp and was excited to learn Enscape. Now if I could just get over the graphics card requirement issue with Enscape. Needs a bigger more expensive video/graphics card than I ever imagined; never had to deal with this before when using Vray or other programs. It has me stopped in my tracks. Would be helpful if I knew what your setup is; what kind of graphics card. Thank you.

    • for the money you spend to buy vga - you get a lot of benefits from your customers, in other words how you make a good product - i recommend using 1660 or if you have more conditions you should look to 3060 or higher. good luck