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  • Hi!

    Since I saw you posted on the subject that concerns me' I hope you don't mind if I ask - Did you manage to get Enscape to work on SKP2022?

    • No, they said it Enscape won't be able to work with Sketchup 2022 until they release Enscape 3.3, which is in mid April. So we have to wait about 1 more month.

    • And , so foolishly, I let myself be convinced to purchase 2022.... does it really have any significant advantage to the 2020 I' have been using so far?

    • That's ok though. We only have 1 more month until its compatible. One really great thing that they fixed was the clipping in Sketchup. 2022 doesn't clip off your model even if you have a large site in it.

    • Yea, read about it. Glad to hear it works.

      thanx for taking the time to reply


    • Yeah, it's great.
      Of course, no problem, ✌