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  • Hangzhou Yongfeng Down Products Co., Ltd. is a washed down and bedding manufacturing company that prides ourselves on being able to offer the quality products at very competitive prices.

    We specialize in using down and feather as our primary manufacturing raw material. The company is located in Xiaoshan Suoqian Industry Zone, which is called hometown of feather and down. It is only one hundred kilometers away from Shanghai and Ningbo.

    Our company, lead by Zhongqi Zhang, who has 20 years' experience in doing down business. We are careful about selecting good quality material used to manufacture washed down, down products, and other beddings. Our production divisions include the washed down workshop, finished products workshop, and computer-control sewing workshop.

    Our mission statement is excellent in quality, service and reputation. We sincerely welcome you to join us and establish a good trading relationship together.

    Our Factory Layout

    Washed down and feather main Factory: Xiaoshan, Zhejiang

    2 wash lines, 8 sets of separators (1-6 chambers)

    2500 MT capacity

    Washed down and feather in Anhui:

    Yilaika factory

    1 wash lines, 8 sets of separators (1-6 chambers

    1000 MT capacity

    Bedding products factory:


    The Process of Down and Feather Produce

    The Facilities

    Washing Machine

    Wash down and feather

    Drying Machine

    drying down and feather.

    Cooling Machine

    cooling down and feather

    Mixer Machine

    Mix heterogeneity down together get some percentum you want.

    drying down and feather.

    Five Case Down Dividing Machine

    Divide down and feather to get five different percentum you want at one time.

    Dust Collect

    Collect down and feather


    Packing down and feather

    Wastewater treatment

    wastewater treatment process

    Down test

    Down test in our factory lab

    Down test

    Down test in our factory labbuy White Duck Feather


  • Zhangjiagang SOKOS Machinery Co.,Ltd was found in 1999,it is located in Zhangjiagang city,nearby Shanghai.Our factory is a professional manufacturer of beverage filling production line equipment,which has complete ability of technology research and development, product design, machine manufacture and presale&after-sale service.

    SOKOS Machinery Manufacturer here specilized in beverage or liquid filling and packing In China. Such as: water filling machine, carbonated drinks filling machine, juice filling machine ,PET blowing machine,Injection molding machine and other packing machine.

    Sokos's Main Products:

    1.Beverage Filling Line,includes water filling line,juice filling line,carbonated drink filling line,etc.

    2.Water Treatment System,includes mineral water treatment system,pure water treatment system,etc.

    3.3gallon to 5gallon Barreled Water Production Line

    4.Pop-top Cans Filling Line

    5.Other Liquid's Filling Line,such as vinegar filling line,soy sauce filling line,edible oil filling line,beer filling line,liquid detergent filling line.

    6.Juice/Carbonated Drink Pre-treatment System,such as blending tanks,UHT,carbonated drink mixer

    7.Bottle Packaging line,such as labeling machine,PE film packing machine,crate/case packing machine and depalletizer

    8.PET Bottle Production Line,such as injection machine,blow moulding machine,moulds.

    ------Filling machine

    ------Wrapping machine

    ------Printer machine

    ------Injection molding machine

    ------PET Blowing machine


    Meanwhile,we can provide related turn key services like plant design,technology consulting,installation and commissioninh,operation training,etc.

    Our certificate

    We are applying ISO9001 QMS mode to improve company internal management and improve our product quality.Our products have earned the CE certification.

    Production Equipment

    We equipped advanced producing testing equipment which are imported from abroad,and we have excellent R&D and manufacture teams who have rich experience in designing&manufacturing.

    Production market

    Our products were sold well not only in China domestic market,but also in many oversea countries,such as America,Russia,Austrialla,Japan,South Africa,Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Thailand,etc.

    Our service

    We can design the machines according your requirements.

    We will delivery the machine and provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly.

    SOKOS offers one year quality warranty period.

    One year FREE for components&parts FREE exchanging for breakdowns caused by machine quality itself.

    SOKOS offers 2 to 5 days FREE Door-to-Door Service for the second and third year after getting our machines, once a year.

    For all SOKOS equipment, we offer LIFE-TIME FREE technical support.Filling Machine For Carbonated Drinks China


  • About us

    Zhejiang Safesave Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was invested and build by Shanghai Shuen Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Safesave focuses on high- voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment, electrical complete units and industrial automation devices. Our products have been applied to some national key projects such as Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympic stadiums, South–to-North Water Division Project, Pudong international airport. Meanwhile , the factory was titled as a high-technology enterprise, science and technology enterprise, software enterprise, advanced enterprise in quality management, etc.

    Our company cooperates with the partners from outstanding university research units such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation Academy of Shanghai University, Information and Technology Academy of Fudan University. After the reorganization, the factory will do further research and manufacturing in high-end industrial automation equipment on the basis of previous achievement in the field of soft starter and variable frequency drive.

    Brief Company's Developing History

    In 2000——The first thyristor motor soft starter was developed with independent research, making our company one of the earliest manufacturers of the soft starter in China;

    In 2003——The factory was moved to Shanghai;

    In 2005——The second generation of intelligent soft starter and the variable frequency drive were certified as Shanghai new and high technology transformation achievements;

    In 2006——Identified as Shanghai high-tech enterprise;

    In 2007——A new generation of vector variable frequency drive was put into large-scale production;

    Moved into Caohejing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Shanghai City

    In 2008——Products were applied to the swimming center and shooting center of Beijing Olympic Games in batches.

    In 2010——Production was applied in Shanghai World Expo;

    Build up cooperation relationship with Fudan university optoelectronic department and Organize the photovoltaic inverter research laboratory.

    In 2014——Regrouped and moved to Songjiang national economic and technological development zone of Shanghai City;

    Build up strategic cooperation relationship with Chint Group and Delix Group, and became the sole official supplier of the core inverting components of EPS power products for the two groups.

    In 2015——SY9000 devises were successfully developed and put into trial-production;

    Meanwhile, the professional research team of servo motor and servo controller were organized.

    In 2016——A new setting-free, quick-start, compacted, foolproof soft starters named SJR3—N has been developed successfully and put into trial-production.

    Safesave's Culture


    To create a greener world with our safe and energy-saving technology.


    To be a happy corporation benefiting human society.


    Gratitude: Thankfulness for God's grace, team cooperation and clients' trust.

    Credibility: Fruitful promise and resultful action.

    Dedication: Persistence in seeking for professional perfection.

    Teamwork: A promotive spirit of sharing, cherishing , cooperation and positive mutual influence .

    Responsibility:Courage of taking responsibility for whatever result with no excuse.

    Passion: Full energy and fighting will.

    Learning: Consistent learning of professional skills to gain efficient working ability.

    Innovation: A force to change the backward and lead the market.

    Sharing: Growth in what we share.

    The R&D Team

    1.Structure of the R &D Center

    The R&D center of Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology consists of three sections, namely, Electronic Design( systematic analysis and electronic circuits), Structural Design(heat dissipation design, configuration design), and Measurement and Verification(simulation and analysis, test and verification)

    The R &D center has an experienced research and development team, working closely with Scientific Research Departments of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation of Shanghai University, the Science and Technology Institute, and the Information Technology Department of Fudan University.

    With years of efforts, Saikong has developed more than 100 models of 10 series of products by our outstanding talents and technology.

    2.Business range & Achievements in recently years.

    The R &D center's design mainly covers two areas: power electronics; energy-saving and emission-reduction. Main products includes mid-low voltage soft starter, mid-low voltage frequency converter, AC servo controller,servo motor, etc.

    During the years from 2013 to 2016, the R &D center has successfully developed SST type of intelligent soft starter with built-in bypass, SJR3 series of intelligent soft starter, 5000 type of online intelligent soft starter with built-in bypass, SN-100G series, SY9000 series of open loop vector inverter, G5 series of closed-loop vector inverter, SN-200G series of closed-loop vector inverter, waterproof type of inverter, EPS uninterruptible power supply, permanent magnet synchronous motor and etc., totally more than 100 models of 10 series of products. Meanwhile, we have completed the corresponding CAPP system of computer aided process planning , sound product database and process documents, etc.of each series of products.

    Meanwhile, the center has applied for over twenty technical patents, including 4 invention patents, 14 patents of new utility models, 6 structure patents, 3 software copyright patents. Up until the end of 2016, 3 of our new invention patents have been publicly announced and are to be approved.

    In recent years , led by a trend of miniaturization, intelligence, networking, and profession in product development, a batch of new high-tech products have been developed in succession, such as SST type of intelligent soft starter , 5000 type of online intelligent soft starter, SN-200G series of closed-loop vector inverter, which has greatly raised the popularity and reputation of our company in this field. Along with increasing application of our products in the fields of manufacturing, elevatoring, hoisting, machine tooling, printing&packaging, textile&chemical fibre, constructuring, metallurgy, mining, metro, etc, Saikong is making a great contribution to the cause of automatic control , energy-saving and emission-reduction for our country with our advanced and reliable products.

    3.Investments on our R &D center.

    To enhance the competence in the business field and and creativity for the sustainable development of our company, Saikong places high priority to the scientific research capability, keeping aggrandizing the investment and strength of research for new products. R & D investment takes over 30% of the total budget, and the R &D crew takes up 24.6% of the whole workforce.

    4.Brief introduction of key staff at the R &D center

    The R &D team is lead by Professor Zhao, the chief engineer, who has been in the field of power electronic for many years and who has been devoted into researching and developing a new generation's frequency converter, soft starter, servo controller, servomotor. A complete set of solutions including proposal selection, structure designing, hardware designing, software designing, testing, quality guarantee, is delivered from our main researching staff of over 8 years' industrial experience on average.

    The center now has 25 staff, the majority were graduated from key universities majored in telecom, electric machinery. Among them, there are two professor of advanced engineers, 8 senior engineers, 14 engineers.Meanwhile, we also hire industrial-renowned experts in inverter/designing/technics as our consultants.

    Leading Core EngineersPositionBrief Introduction

    Engineer ZhaoTechnical director/Chief engineerBorn in 1972, aged 45, Eng. Zhao is working with Electric Machinery Institute of Shanghai University as supervisor for students of bachelors, masters and doctors.Having been long engaged in designing and developing hardware and software relevant to electronic inverting technology in power field, integrated with capabilities of project management, systemic analyse and designing , having been worked as technological chief supervisor or chief engineer in succession in several big companies, and having developed more than 100 new models of 10 series of products of inverters, soft starters, servo controllers and solar inverters, Eng. Zhao is now enjoys very good reputation in the industry.

    Engineer LiProject engineer/System utility engineerBorn in 1961, aged 56, with Bachelor's Degree majored in Industry Automation. Eng. Li is a pioneer in designing low-voltage soft starter in China. As the earliest designer of low-voltage soft starter in China, he led the designing of China's first generation of soft starter and achieved success.

    Engineer WangHardware engineerBorn in 1978, aged 38, with Master's Degree, majored in Electronic Information Engineering Technology. Eng. Wang has been engaged in researching and development of frequency converter for many years, and has insightful views in SMPS and inverter drive.

    Engineer YiSoftware engineerBorn in 1979, aged 37, with Master's Degree.Having long been engaged in software compiling, Eng. Yi is very familiar with all types of software coding tools, and has good working capability and industrial experience.

    Engineer ZhuHardware engineerBorn in 1981, aged 35, with Bachelor's Degree, graduated from Hefei Industrial University, majored in Engineering Automation.Expertised in systemic adjustments, techinical identification, Eng. Zhu has insightful views in electronic circuit, data collecting, failure analysis.

    5.Decent experiment environment.

    To guarantee the reliability of the products that have been developed, the center established two well-equipped high-standard labs that cover 500 square meters.One serves to test regular features and performance.The other is to conduct performance tests under extreme circumstances.

    We purchased complete equipments despite of high cost to enable the experimental process from simulating the spot environment, technic data collecting, to data processing and technique analysis digitized, visualized, and trackable. Each sample product is no longer a sample but a device having experienced practical application, and each data is no longer lab data but high-simulated spot data. In this way we fundamentally guarantee data accuracy at the spot environment and full-time reliability of the products.

    List of main experimental equipment at R &D center

    NO.Equipment /InstrumentFunction

    1Standard equipment and standard devices:

    Voltage source (constant voltage, adjustable), current source (constant current, adjustable), signal source (adjustable), standard resistance, standard capacitance, standard inductance, etc..To guarantee the accuracy of all the equipments and testing data.

    2Testing equipments for regular data:

    Voltage meter, current meter, multimeter, clamp meter, megger, small signal RMS current meter, DC current generator, oscilloscope, LCR BridgeRegular data of general voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, signal waveform tests

    3A variety of test equipments for special parameters:

    Power analyzer, spectrum analyzer, power analyzer, thermal zone imager, temperature management instrument, tachometer, flow meter, pressure gauge, balance machine etc..For testing of special parameter data and the data collected under specific circumstances.Such as test s for temperature, wind speed, flow, pressure, turning speed, strength of magnetic field, balance, coil rolling, wire diameter and power factor analysis, frequency spectrum analysis.

    4A variety of special test equipments:

    NC high pressure machine, surge generator, pulse group generator, etc.To test data parameters for special projects, such as high voltage protection, creepage distance, electrical clearance, EMC interference, lightning resistance, etc.

    5A variety of equipments simulating field work environment:

    NC high temperature chamber (0-300°C), NC low temperature chamber (0- minus 150°C), automatic ON/OFF experiment system, dust test box, acid/salt fog test box, shaft to drag load system (0-1000A, AC), vibration testing system(1-200KG), drop test equipment etc..For testing of the performance and data of spare parts or complete equipment which operate under extreme circumstances.To ensure the products work in all regions in high reliability.

    6Various reliability test equipments:

    Automatic ON/OFF aging room, high and low temperature cycle impact equipment, high temperature aging chamber with load, anti interference test room, etc.To test the reliability, stability, consistency, device life and other parameters of the components or the whole machine.

    6. R&D Orientation in future

    Along with society development, technical progress, and the revolutionary changes in the fields of domestic industrial automation control, energy-saving and emission-reduction, our R&D center keeps refreshing percepts , optimizing the products. Oriented by the goal to achieve miniaturization, multi-function, digitization, network, specialization and modularization, we believe, in the very near future the new products launched by our R&D center will dominate the industry.

    7.Strict management system and practical working style

    "No best, only better"

    This is the working attitude and pursuit of our R&D center.

    "Engaged in the basic work, down to the earth to try the best in everything."

    This is the basic requirement set by our own R &D members.

    At the R &D center, design work is processed in modular, plural and step procedure, and management weighs responsibility, data and performance.The center highly values coordination among departments and among managers, and emphasizes the whole team's working efficiency.

    For each project, the center has clear target and thoughts. To complete the project, the center adopts quantitative management. Specific division of labor is distributed to each person and node time is set on daily basis so that the whole team becomes a strong, cohesive and centripetal force, working like a sophisticated engine to achieve a shared output target through all parts' orderly, tensive and enthusiastic work.


    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    A1: We are a manufacturer.

    Q2: Can I get some samples?

    A2: Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test. After we receive the sample charge, the samples will be delivered in 7-15 days.

    Q3: Can you do the design for us?

    A3: Yes. We have a professional designing team. Just tell us your ideas and we will help to carry out your ideas. Send us high resolution images, your Logo and text and tell us how you would like to arrange them, We will send you finished files for confirmation.

    Q4: What about the delivery time?

    A4: It depends on the quantity and the season you place the order. It usually takes about 7-15 days for production.

    Q5: What is your terms of delivery?

    A5: We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.

    Q6: What's your warranty terms?

    A6: We offer 1 year warranty time.China Three Phase 380V Ac Motor Soft Starter manufacturers


  • Lyouthe Lighting have rich production resources and service experience, strong technical force and development ability. Established in 2007, the company has our own factory, established our own brand, to achieve the integration of production and sales. The main products are new LED lamps, track light, aquarium lamp, UV sterilization lamp wood lamp and classic traditional lamp housing, adhering to the concept of innovation, collision of wonderful sparks.

    Through more than 12 years of continuous scientific and technological innovation and brand management, the company has accumulated a unique brand connotation and a solid foundation for development, and take the lead in the industry through quality, environment, safety three-in-one system certification, CE & RoHS certification, ISO9001 certification and 3C certification.

    Strong research and development strength and stable development ensure that we market every product has: reliable quality, scientific light distribution, beautiful appearance and long service life. And equipped with the implementation of timely pre-sale, and after-sale service. We are committed to the establishment and maintenance of the brand, give full play to the enterprise's product advantages, service advantages, technical advantages, market advantages, environmental advantages, management advantages and sound publicity advantages, so that products and services are more suitable for market demand, promote development with good reputation and reliable quality.

    Through our online B2B platforms(Alibaba) and physical sales channels based in major cities of China, we exports to more than 50 countries, including United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, UK, Japan, Iran, Israel, etc. After achieving great success in the field of LED lamps, our company seized the opportunity to develop new product lines and gradually expanded the market of lamps, successively launched customers interested products: wood lights, aquarium lights, sterilization lights and other new products, and won the majority of customers love. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of all production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. We strive to provide competitive price, superior quality and short production period. OEM & ODM service are available upon request.

    Our company takes part in the famous international exhibition every year which has won the favor of numerous guests and absorbed a lot of foreign different aesthetic and innovative technology. Lyouthe Lighting has always placed customer satisfaction as its top priority. As the best partners for our customers, we attentively listen to their needs, mastering market trends and using our strong expertise to fulfill their



  • The quantity of our staffs was increasedconstantly from more than 50of the initial developmentto more than 1,200 of nowadays development, from which more than 100 were senior technical personnels. Our company's annual output value were built up from CNY15 million to the current CNY1.5 billion. Wenzhou was enlarged as the center of the developmentto Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujianas three major production base. Our productssales not only to China, but alsoto other countries and regions such asSouth America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia ,which are deeply loved by customers. And we establish a long-term relations of cooperationwith our customers.Our company history was regardedby the government asthe enterprise awardof socialcontribution as well asthe large taxpayer.

    Our History

    Our company was establishedin 1993,located in WenzhouCity, a coastal city in southeast China.

    In 1993 , the first dry PVC production linewas introduced to our company.

    In 1996,two production linesof PVC extension were introduced.

    In 1998 , two production lines respectively of PU temperature and PU dry method, three versionsof the processor, and soft machinewere introduced, leading to the good development of the products from the mid-low-endto the high-end.

    In 2000 , and the introduction of embossing machine, polishing machine, roller coater, diaper machine, complex machines and other ancillary equipment enrichedour company's products.

    In 2005 , ultra-fiber production lineswere introduced to produce high-grade ultra-fiber synthetic leather, making our products to be of more choices, better qualityandhigher grade.

    We will be dedicated to the development of new products, leading the trend of world fashion, and cooperatingsincerelywith customersaround the worldand developingtogether to create a better future.

    Our Factory

    We have 3 factories in Zhejiang, Fujianand Anhui, with production capacity more than 3.5 million meters per month.

    Our Product

    Wenzhou Julong International Trade Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which produces PU, Semi-PU, PVC, synthetic & artificial leather and other related products.

    Product Application

    Our products are mainly used for shoes, garments, sofa, bags, car cushion, decoration, cloth with EVA, notebook cover, belts etc.

    Production Equipment

    Dry PVC production line;linesof PVC extension;two production lines respectively of PU temperature and PU dry method;three versionsof the processor, and soft machine;embossing machine, polishing machine, roller coater, diaper machine, complex machines and other ancillary equipment;ultra-fiber production linesetc.

    Production Market

    South America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia ,which are deeply loved by customers. And we establish a long-term relations of cooperationwith our customers.

    Our Service

    Pr-sale Service

    To make customers understand the variety and property of synthetic leather products such as environmental protection, waterproof, breathable, cold, wear, hydrolysis, resistance to yellow, fire, softness, etc., and to provide customersthe dynamicabout the market trend. We canalso customize according to the requirements of customers design as well as provide samples to meet the needs of customers.

    Sale Service

    Communicate with customers with initiativeand enthusiasm, create a kind of trustful business atmosphere, and provide customers with high-quality, low-cost solutions to create valuefor customers.

    After-sales Service

    Provide services for customers in the transport of goods, recommend the product stacking placesstacking precautions, and technical guidancewhen occurring some problems in the production process. We are willing to be responsible for compensation or other solutions Programif quality problemsexist after our test.Ordinary Level Car Seat Leather Made in China


  • ◆Our History

    Jinshuo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Our brand name is DUBAO. We are the biggest and the most professional chemical pump &chemical filter Manufacturer in china. We mainly produce magnetic pump, self-priming pump, vertical pump, diaphragm pump, dosing pump and chemical filters.

    ◆Our Factory

    DUBAO is located in Suzhou, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is only half an hour away from Shanghai by high-speed rail. Welcome for your visiting!

    ◆Our Product

    DUBAO products includes the following:magnetic pump, self-priming pump, vertical pump, stainless steel pump, diaphragm pump, dosing pump and chemical filter, filter unit and etc. All our products are aicd and alkali resistant.

    ◆Product Application

    Especially suitable for electroplating plating, plastic plating, circuit board (PCB), LED electronics, wastewater treatment, medical chemicals, environmental waste gas treatment, etching cleaning, anodizing, electrophoretic coating and other industries.

    ◆Our Certificate

    We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. All our products have passed CE Certification.

    ◆Production Equipment

    We have our own molds for the parts of the pump. So we have the unique appearance. We have engraving machine for the PP board to facilitate the production of the filter.

    ◆Production Market

    We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market.Our professional foreign trade sales can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:

    Asia 40.00%

    North America 20.00%

    Europe 15.00%

    South America 15.00%

    Africa 8.00%

    ◆Our Service

    Besides our existing molded products, DUBAO also accept custom made products, it depends on QTY. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing. And we have video technical support for after-sale service.Magnetic Circulation Pump manufacturers


  • FANTOR Watch Co., Ltd. as a watch manufacturer company that has been in the watch business over 20 years. As a part of the business, our OEM/ODM department established since 2010 to service our worldwide clients. We aimed to offer one-stop service from designing to the products that meet all client’s needs. With confidence to our experienced team, the cooperation will be efficient and time-saving. We explored wide range designs of products including sports watches, fashion watches, stainless steel watches, leather watches and chronograph watches. Based on the good designs, our watches are made with passion and precision. The stainless-steel watch we made can has a 100m water-resistant. Till now, we have serviced customers from more than 80 countries and have worked with over 100+ watch or fashion brands globally.

    In 2016, we founded our own brand FANTOR. It started with a simple idea: to create watches which balance the material and form unite to create a confident presence on the wrist. The designs strives to offer affordable luxury using both luxurious materials and unique designs with attention to the details, and representing the sheer beauty of a great design. Look to the product itself, we work with the world leading automatic and quartz movement manufacturers including Swiss ETA, ISA, Ronda, Miyota and Seiko movements from Japan to have a powerful inner core. United with our experiences and outstanding skills in design and manufacturing, it’s how a good watch come into the world. Our factory capability is over 400000pcs watches each month.

    We attended the Hong Kong watch exhibition and other exhibitions every year to meet with our dear clients from all over the world. Our 3000㎡ size factory has four assembling lines with QC lines and packaging lines. There’s also a warehouse could stock 4 TEU Container goods. Based on our high-quality control requirements, processes from raw materials to packaging must do 100% QC. Completed watches QC work is basing on AQL2.5 standard. Lastly, our products have passed CE,FCC &RoHS test and reach at American and European standards.

    We offer one-stop service to produce products that meet all client’s needs. As to our experienced team, the cooperation is efficient and saving time. Minimalist Watch series


  • Our history

    Zhejiang Angu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., as a specialized manufacturer in brake systems for the commercial vehicles, is a member of China auto parts coordinated department. With more than 30 years of experiences in this field.

    Our factory

    ANGU has accumulated powerful techniques and complete test equipments. There are about 600 employees in ANGU, the current factory covers an area of 23351 square meters, with a floor area of 40090 square meters.

    Our product

    The main products cover various air valves and electric products, such as spring brakes, foot valves, relay valves, hand control valves, electro valves and so forth.

    Product application

    Angu is specialized in making brake systems for commercial vehicles, providing auto parts for both European truck and Japanese truck.

    Our certificate

    Passes ISO/TS 16949

    Production equipment

    ANGU company has numerical control workshop, drilling workshop, die-casting workshop and so on.

    Production market

    Our sales cover domestic and oversea market, with a rapidly growing rate. We have cooperators from all over the world, mainly China, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and etc.

    Our service

    Provide to customers auto-parts with the best quality. Warmly welcome all customers come to Angu for a visit. We are waiting for your coming.Vacuum Pump factory


  • Company Introduce:

    Our factory has been committed in board-to-board,wire to board connectors in the development as well production and sales, the main products are Electrical connector, Micro Match connector, wafer connector, terminal blocks connector,round pin connector, hole IC socket connector, pin header connector, female header connector, and other types of connectors. Our products are wildly used in industrial control systems, PBX, computers, power supply, display screen, instrument, security, automotive, lighting, digital appliances, set-top boxes, telephones, mobile phones and other fields.we can complete your large orders and OEM/ODM projects timely. Integrity, professionalism, quality, service is our business objectives. we have obtained ISO 9001:2008, ROHS SGS certifications. Moreover, our several series products have been got patents.

    Product Description

    RJ45/Dual is a Through Hole integrated connector module With a single Rj45 Tab-UP in combination with two USB connector ports. The RJ45 Connector internal magnetic are designed to support 10/100Base-TX Applications, Such as LAN-on-Motherboard and PC applications.

    Temperature Range-40-70oC

    Rated LoadDC 50V 0.2A

    Contact Resistance≤30mΩ

    Insulating resistance≥100mΩ

    EnduranceAC 500V(50Hz)1min)

    Actuating force5-30N

    Life5000 times


    Q1: Is there a tracking number for my item?

    A1: Yes, of course. We usually ship your goods by EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT with online track, you can view the ship status on website.

    Q2. Do you offer customized products and customized packing?

    A2: Yes, we can develop new mold at you need if you can provide us with the samples or drawings and specification.

    Q3: What is your terms of payment ?

    A3: 30% deposit in advance, and the rest 70% before delivery.

    Q4: How does your factory do regarding the quality control?

    A4: Quality is the most important thing in our company, from raw material to delivery, we have a series of the strict control system and standard.

    Q5: Do you have the products in stock!

    A5: It depends on the specifications and quantity you want.

    Q6: Do you accept customized products?

    A6: Yes, we can provide customized products, please send us your drawing and all the requirements to proceed with the project.

    Q7:I am new buyer ,how can i buy from you?

    A7:You tell us what you need, we send you offer, if you think the offer is good, our sales send you company invoice including all details such as payment terms etc, then we ship to you.

    Our Workshop:

    Packing and Transportation:China RJ45 Ethernet Socket With LED