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  • Hi,

    did you ask at this thread for a list of parameters for the ini file?
    IsFavorite [sic] & More?

    If yes, we could start to create an own list and share it per PM. Maybe some other power users would like to work on this list too.


    • Hi Micha!
      .ini? No, though it would to be good to hear you're thinking on that!

      No, I was after them list - or better just expose - the SP they're injecting into projects using the non-visible-SP trick so that I/we can know about them... I hate having foreign/alien stuff in our files for no reason.

      I might press them another time - but for now all my Enscape focus is back onto my "Film Direction for Enscape with Dynamo" workflow given the video exports are so much faster!


    • There are some options that can be used at the config files of Enscape. Here my current know commands I got from the developer. They don't want this options public, since beginners could use it in a wrong way and get strange effects. :

      r_maxNumberOfShadowMaps 512 (if you like to use more than default 256 lights)
      r_giMaxTriangleCount 3000000 (if the polygon count is higher than this than the object is skipped during the calculation)

      r_farClippingDistance 15000 (clipping plane setup)
      r_nearClippingDistance 10

      sp_diameter 0,2 (size of the virtual body)
      r_giEmissiveImportance 1500 (should help to keep emitters visible in far distance)