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  • Thanks for the feedback about the KB Materials article. I can see how that might be confusing., and I will certainly review it and make the necessary changes to make the article clearer.

    I have just one question. You provide two screenshots for the Carpet in the material editor that appear to show the same implementation of keywords in the material editor, but both are implying it does and does not swap out at the same time. Can you please clarify what you mean by this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • how strange - I literally just went to revisit that post to see why a water texture wasn't working then noted your notifcation! Hi Pete.

      I can't seem to paste or upload an image here though - but know that the "see thumbnail" in the OP is a red herring, on open/expansion you will note that the carpet works ONLY when the "name" = description and/or keyword (rather than contains it)

      this is also appears to be true for water

    • Yes, I thought that was the case. Thanks for clarifying that point. I will adjust the article accordingly to make it clearer where to use these material keywords. Thanks again for getting back to me.

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    • fundamentally, whilst the KB article does need to clarification, (i.e. "presenty it works like thus...") it is more important to see the behaviour change in the product.

    • Just to let you know i reviewed and updated the Materials in Revit article.

      Some notes about the way this functions.

      The keywords for grass and carpet need to be used in the materials Name, but not in the Name slot in the Appearance Information area. Just in the list area to the left side of the Revit Material Editor. I've adjusted the article to reflect that.

      In regards to Water, no keyword is used in Revit. You just have to duplicate the existing Revit Water material and select the type of water you want from the Water Type drop down under the Appearance tab.

      I revised that part to try and make it clearer.

      All this will become somewhat redundant once the Material Editor for Revit becomes available, although I am not allowed to tell you when that will happen, I can say it will happen soonish.

      I hope this helps, and thanks again for your feedback regarding the KB. Much appreciated. If you have anything else to add, please don't hesitate in providing further feedback.

  • Hi,

    did you ask at this thread for a list of parameters for the ini file?
    IsFavorite [sic] & More?

    If yes, we could start to create an own list and share it per PM. Maybe some other power users would like to work on this list too.


    • Hi Micha!
      .ini? No, though it would to be good to hear you're thinking on that!

      No, I was after them list - or better just expose - the SP they're injecting into projects using the non-visible-SP trick so that I/we can know about them... I hate having foreign/alien stuff in our files for no reason.

      I might press them another time - but for now all my Enscape focus is back onto my "Film Direction for Enscape with Dynamo" workflow given the video exports are so much faster!


    • There are some options that can be used at the config files of Enscape. Here my current know commands I got from the developer. They don't want this options public, since beginners could use it in a wrong way and get strange effects. :

      r_maxNumberOfShadowMaps 512 (if you like to use more than default 256 lights)
      r_giMaxTriangleCount 3000000 (if the polygon count is higher than this than the object is skipped during the calculation)

      r_farClippingDistance 15000 (clipping plane setup)
      r_nearClippingDistance 10

      sp_diameter 0,2 (size of the virtual body)
      r_giEmissiveImportance 1500 (should help to keep emitters visible in far distance)