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  • Hey, saw your comment. Didn't want to actively promote another product publically. I'm not sure what application you're working in (sketchup, rhino, revit) but you should check out Shapespark. It's new, and plugs into SketchUp. It's a little steeper learning curve, but platform agnostic since it uploads to the web and can be viewed on Mac, PC, and Mobile. I'm just working on wrapping up the project below:

    Might be worth some testing for ya.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Our team is working on Revit i'm afraid, and the model is very large and complex so sketchup just wouldn't cut it. Worth a look though as your output seems very good.

      Thank you

    • Larger models are tough. Though I've had good luck with conversions to SketchUp from Revit. It all depends on what the deliveries promised to the client are. Shapespark is really more of a viz product than a design product so if lots of changes are happening it might not be ideal. But absolutely worth some invested exploration. Ive had a lot of good luck with it so far.

    • I find a very easy (and free solution). It would seem that Geforce Experience and Shadowplay are now enabled for Quadro cards; the only difference is you have to manually trigger the overlay. I simply did a live screen recording and edited the videos together. About 30 mins of work for a 7min output video. Can also live stream to Twitch TV or Youtube this way as well.