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  • Kaj,

    What is a contact phone number to speak to tech support in USA? emailing is taking forever and help thus far has been useless. The lack of help is costing me money and the customer support is very disappointing.

  • Hello Kaj,

    I cannot see the revit links on my escape model. Although I exported it from a view which all the links are on.

    Please guide me

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Kaj

    the colorful glass does not appear when I enter the escape?

    if I remove the ceiling the colorful glass appears but if I add the ceiling does not appear?

  • Ive recently downloaded the enscape studen trail version and I keep getting the Fatal message i have tried uninstalling and re installing so many times but it doesnt seem to work. I also cant send a feedback since the enscpe program isnt showing up on my sketchup program

  • Hello Kaj,
    is ther a time limitation in exporting a video on a trial version?
    thanks :)

  • dear developers of the Enscape program please allocate 1 free license for 1 computer since I am the only breadwinner of my parents they are sick with covid-19 this is the only program that helps me to earn a small amount of bread somehow

  • Hello Kaj,

    how i can disable a Enscape's licence for a PC who has be reseting ?

    Thanks for your help.



  • Hey Kaj

    I am looking to buy a 16" MBP and would like to use Enscape via bootcamp......I have 2 options...can you give me your opinion which option will work better.

    1. max out the specs for processor (8 core, 2.3 ghz, i9) and GPU (5600M) with 32 GB ram

    2. go for base line model (6 core 2.7 ghz, i7) , upgrade to 32 GB ram, 5500 m plus and external GPU (whenever I want to use Enscape....once or twice a week as other days I would be using it on my desktop PC with a 2080 ti, ryzen...system.

    Which way does it make more sense?....

    in case it is the 2nd option.....which EGPU should I go for....i would like to go for the best, which will be compatible with Enscape on MBP via bootcamp.

  • Hi Kaj Burival

    I would like to thank you for your efforts that you are making in your webinars, I have registered in your online Revit webinar that it took place in 27th of Nov but for certain circumstances I couldn't attend the webinar. So please could you upload the link of the webinar so I can watch the record.

  • Hey Kaj,

    I work for a full service firm in Seattle and we are constantly working with our Landscape team to get the most accurate representation of landscape and the building together. Often times this means screening back the transparency of our landscape Elements so we can see the building beyond but still understand the landscape context around. We typically work in Revit 2019, Sketchup and Rhino on occasion during the early stages of the project.

    That being said, I wanted to follow up a post that you made back in 2017 about RCP transparency and see if there is was any development on this thread. (see link to original post below)Can you give an update?

    Transparency of RPC families, shopping window effect - how to?

    If not, I am curious to see if you have a better/simpler workflow than my current one which is a bit of a headache.

    Since we work in Revit I start by putting all my "trees/entourage" on a workset or phase so it is easy to filter on/off. From there I end up exporting a landscape/people only image with material ID and Depth Channel as well as a Building Only file from the same view with the Material ID and Depth Chanel. The issues with this, is with this is that with the building workset turned off, their are trees that end up floating on the inside of the building, or floating in the sky. This results in having to bring all 6 of these images in Photoshop and begin masking out regions. While this works, it would be great to just be able to toggle the transparency directly out of Revit using the materials properties saving a lot of time and headache during post processing.

    Thanks for you time!

  • hi kaj burival

    I have a student licence but when i want to use that, i get notivication said "you've exceeded the number of seat of your licence". I never use my student licence before. Can you help me?

  • Hi Kaj B.
    where do i get mateiral to study enscape for archicad?

  • Hi Kaj. I have a problem witn a curtain wall from revit, it is created with glass panels of 30cm in order to look like an uglass facade. My main problem is that grids between panels appear in the revit model but they disappear in enscape, what can I do?
    My other issue is that I want the uglass to look like steven holl´s building (frosted and traslucent) and I can not manage to put the proper material in revit, it appears or completely transparent or solid...could you please help me with these two problems? Thanks a lot!

  • I've just installed Enscape for Revit and installed Oculus Rift app but I can't get it off the Oculus home screen to switch to Enscape, Am I doing something dumb?