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  • Hi there, I've been cruising this (and other) forums getting info together for low level VR for my company. You seem to have a lot of experience and knowledge with this, so I was hoping to pick your brain if you'd allow. What my managers want: Mostly for marketing, easy to set up rendered VR 360 panos to show clients. We'd be generating models in Revit. Not necessary to do full BIM clash detection/coordination, or even multi-user interaction. It is necessary to be able to view these images off-line, as we are often in places with secured wifi that we are not allowed to access. We were using an old Gear VR that was set up by someone else and now it garbles everything if you move. Not helpful. What I -think- we should get is Enscape and an Oculus Go. It sounds like you've had some success getting some combination of the two working - perhaps a bit beyond panos (I'd be especially interested in an offline solution for jumps to several panos), and I'm curious if a) you'd still recommend it; and b) if so, the parts, pieces, apps you used to get there. Thanks in advance for any info you're willing to share.



    • Hello Amy,

      We use Revit in our office, but primarily are using sketch up to generate our visuals from Enscape. not to say that you could do the same from Revit provided that your materials and model are in good shape. I believe that you can take a 360 that has been generated in enscape and loaded to the cloud and open that web link in Oculus go and view that static 360 pretty easily, I like to call this VR-Lite as you will not be able to walk around the space. I believe the oculus go has been discontinued, I don't know if they are coming out with a new improved version or if Facebook is just going to focused on the quest moving forward. You do move forward with an oculus go another option that you have is an app called The Viewer https://theviewer.co/

      this service allows you to take 3 60s exported from whatever render engine you are using and you can create more fluid experiences where you can virtually quote "walk through" a project. Setup is quite intuitive and easy.

      If you invest in a oculus rift then you will be able to start enscape and walk around your project, but you will need to be tethered to a fairly decent powered laptop or work station in order to accomplish this effectively. I don't know what the current state of support for the Oculus Quest is with Enscape, I would ask their development team.

    • Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely look into theviewer, and have also been looking at a couple other tour viewers. I did see that the Go was not going to be continued on Oculus Business, wasn't sure if they were going to discontinue it altogether. Definitely trying to avoid the setup/portability headache with tethered. Thanks again, and stay safe!