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  • Hi there,

    I wanted to ask how to make the glass transparent while in white/polystrol mode? I am using Revit 2021.

    Unfortunately, it my glass material won't show in transparent after getting the newer version of the enscape. Not sure if this is a Revit weird thing, but already checked my glass properties - I don't remember making any changes on it. I attached a sample interior rendering for your reference.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Hey Jonathan!

    We have a Problem with the Panorama pics. They worked just fine for a few days, and now where we mailed the QR codes and the Links to customers, they not working anymore.

    My wife can open easily the Panorama on her iPhone (iOS 13.3.1), but all the others - - with iOS 14.4 are not able to do so. Its also working with an android device.

    Can somebody give advice? It's also kinda urgent...

    Thanks a lot!

    (Geht auch auf Deutsch mit Dir, da du in Karlsruhe bist?:)

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I just purchased a Revit license but I do not have an account set up on this email yet. This is the email that I have used to purchase the license: Can you help me set up an account so I can access my license?



  • Good morning Jonathan,

    Is there a way to make trees more transparant in Enscape ?



    • Hi Gert,

      There's currently no way of making trees semi transparent in walk throughs.

      => But it's on our agenda.

      In still renderings you can creat such an effect in rendering the same view 2+ times with Assets turned on/off and perform a lay-over in post processing.

      Best, Jonathan

  • Hello Jonathan,

    how i can disable a Enscape's licence for a PC who has be reseting ?

    Thanks for your help.



  • Hey Jonathon, I have used Enscape on another laptop of mine, however i returned this laptop due to it being faulty, now on my new PC it will not let me use Enscape on revit as it only has 1 seat?

  • Hi Jonathan, possible to assists this? Thank you


    anyone can help if / how I can edit panorama XML file and save back to XML and publish back to cloud again to share usage?

  • Hi Jonathan. Any updates on making trees transparent in Enscape? Thanks!

  • Hi Jonathan. I have a problem with a curtain wall from revit, it is created with glass panels of 30cm in order to look like an uglass facade. My main problem is that grids between panels appear in the revit model but they disappear in enscape, what can I do?
    My other issue is that I want the uglass to look like steven holl´s building (frosted and traslucent) and I can not manage to put the proper material in revit, it appears or completely transparent or solid...could you please help me with these two problems? Thanks a lot!

  • Please, I need to know if my pc graphics card will support your software, I have Nvidia 388.13 GL version 4.6.0, render Geforce GTX 750 Ti.PCIe/SSE2, please advise if this will would be enough to support your program. Thank you

  • Asset library poll:

    "Access denied"

  • Just seen this, sad.

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  • Good Afternoon, is there a way to turn off shadows in Enscape?

    • We don't have a specific checkbox for it, but you can deactivate the sun by setting the sun intensity to "0" in the Atmosphere tab of the Enscape settings.

  • ... send them to Enscape via email

  • Has there been any update on that issue:
    Feature request - Save Enscape view back to Rhino

    Regarding saving views from Enscape into Named Views or whatever in Rhino?


    Love 1
  • Jonathan, Can you guys take a look at the "Sketchup: Scenes and Layer visibility in Batch output un-synced" I mentioned in the Bugs section. Hopefully this is a bug and not the expected behavior. Thanks!

  • Jonathan, I'm learning the ropes by trial and error on the Sketchup materials editor in the newest version. I am not familiar enough with the terms, parameters etc of this set up to use it well. Is there a resource/tuturial on how to use the material editor for those of us unfamiliar with albedo etc as concepts in rendering? I've not been able to find any new tut's posted, please advise.

    Also, in using bump maps I keep getting tiny textures, even on 1000x1000 pixel textures speficied for bump. Is there any resource on sizing these? The ideal would be just use the size the pipette tool sampled from Sketchup because it is cumbersome to have to custom size textures otherwise. I'm used to Twilight render "use sketchup texture for bump" which tracked with whatever I'd spec'd in Sketchup. I might use one texture 5 ways in a timber frame job for instance, and hope not to have to tweak it 5x to bump it in Enscape.

    Thanks for your time, loving Enscape's new features, just needing some education to cope with how to maximize my use of them in workflow.

    Awesome work, Enscape team.

    McDaniel ArtWorks

    • Hi Jason,
      Great to hear that your loving to work with Enscape!
      Unfortunately we're still working on updating our knowledgebase.

      I would recommend to sign up for a free screen-sharing session via for our direct assistance.
      So you have small textures and don't want to replace them by textures with higher quality/resolution?

      Best, Jonathan

    • Thanks for pointing me to the screen share option. I plan to set that up soon as I can. I'm using 1000x1000 textures often for individual elements like cedar timbers, so even when zoomed in close they render nicely in hi res. A stone wall texture might cover 8'x8' with a similar 1000x1000 seamless texture. But, when I try using it for corresponding bump map, it covers just 1' x 1' or even less. That's the size difference causing the troubles currently. Most times my results look nice at this commonly available size, I'd just need to know how to consistently match bump and original texture, as sized in Sketchup. One texture might stretch for a whole timber, or scale for larger or smaller stones within a drawing, so I need to know how to scale the bump map to suit it so grout lines match up etc. Thanks again, and I'll keep monitoring the forum until I can do a screen session or the knowledge base is updated.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I would like to ask if you can give us some reviews/suggestions, regarding on the GTX1050 graphic card for Enscape.
    We are planning to upgrade our GC units, and we cant decide for the suitable GC. GTX1050 or 1060

    Thank you in advance!



    • Hi Rommel,

      I would definitely go for the GTX 1060 6Gb in your workstations. And I would recommend a GTX 1080 (Ti) in your VR presentation machine.

      Best, Jonathan

    • Hi Jonathan,


      Thanks for the info!


    • Hi Jonathan,

      Followup concern, The GC of our workstation is Nvidia Quadro k600 1GB, and can only be upgraded up to GTX1050 w/o changing the PSU. Do you think if at the minimum the card will work?

      On the other hand, We have another workstation working with Quadro k2000 2GB.

      Thank you in advance!



  • Hi Jonathan,

    Apologies for this stupid question but I cannot find Enscape Objects within Sketchup. I have downloaded the latest update today. I only have Enscape Lights.

    Can you kindly advise. I would like to add Proxy’s.

    I thank you in advance and look forward to your reply.

    • HI Amir,

      Could you please verify via the [About] button which version of Enscape you're using?
      Usually you should see the proxy function in the same dialog as the lights and sound sources via the [Enscape Objects] button.

  • HI Jonathan


    I've tried to make an .exe file .....but does not work, when opening?

    ....a window saying:
    Enscape.Client.exe has stopped working

    I've updated the AMD to .....

    AMD FirePro W5170M

    Do you know?

    • Hi Kastalag,

      I'm sorry to hear that!
      Which version of Enscape are you using?
      Can you start it once and it fails the second time?
      If yes, which security solution are you using on your workstation?

      Could you please look in the following folders and send me the log files? This helps a lot to isolate the problem.

      Enscape log files are located either in:
      C:\ProgramData\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Data\Logs
      - or -

      Thank you in advance!

      Best, Jonathan

    • Hi JK

      I've got contact to:

      Volker Rummel
      Support and Customer Success

      ....sent Feedback through sketchup/enscape processed.

      Love 1
  • Hi Jonathan -- I wrote on the forum last week about a problem I was having with fritted glass in enscape, and later followed up by sending project files to your support address. I just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to review it. Let me know if there are any updates. Thanks!

  • Jonathan, how is the web based license center progressing? as we get more licences it is becoming more difficult to track usage by user.

  • I am a Chinese user, sincerely hope that I can use Chinese, maybe I can help Chinese version of the development

    • Thanks for your offer! I think we will translate it on our own but we would appreciate if you could give us feedback to the translations once they're finished.

  • Hi,
    My name is Nave and am using Dell Precision M6800 Laptop with AMD Firepro 6100M fireGLV graphics card.But when I open the encape it is telling me to update the driver and shutting down, Actually am using latest driver. Please let me know how to resolve this issue my trile end is near.


    • Hi Nave,

      I would recommend you to update to our latest preview version as we had to optimize the support of the AMD Firepro graphics.
      If it's still not working afterwards, please send us feedback via the [Feedback] button in Enscape.

  • Hi Jonathan, I've a question. I received an email to confirm my activation of registration in the forum, and I also received a nine-digit activation code. I requested a few days ago, the student license, that code is for that license? Or what do I need it for?

  • Hallo Jonathan - sending feedback through Revit on this issue. Let me know what you find out. Bis Bald. - M