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  • Jonathan, how is the web based license center progressing? as we get more licences it is becoming more difficult to track usage by user.
  • I am a Chinese user, sincerely hope that I can use Chinese, maybe I can help Chinese version of the development
    • Thanks for your offer! I think we will translate it on our own but we would appreciate if you could give us feedback to the translations once they're finished.
  • Hi,
    My name is Nave and am using Dell Precision M6800 Laptop with AMD Firepro 6100M fireGLV graphics card.But when I open the encape it is telling me to update the driver and shutting down, Actually am using latest driver. Please let me know how to resolve this issue my trile end is near.

    • Hi Nave,

      I would recommend you to update to our latest preview version as we had to optimize the support of the AMD Firepro graphics.
      If it's still not working afterwards, please send us feedback via the [Feedback] button in Enscape.
  • Hi Jonathan, I've a question. I received an email to confirm my activation of registration in the forum, and I also received a nine-digit activation code. I requested a few days ago, the student license, that code is for that license? Or what do I need it for?
  • Hallo Jonathan - sending feedback through Revit on this issue. Let me know what you find out. Bis Bald. - M