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  • Hello Simon,

    Is there any chance I can try out the test version for Archicad? I misssed the trial that you guys did?

  • good afternoon Simon, do you have an idea when the Archicad testing will begin. I'm excited to check it out and have the perfect project that I just completed to give it a go with.

  • Hey Simon,
    I hope this is the way to post a comment I am still trying to understand how to post here, is there a way to add different lights than spot or just light source for example if you have a sign and you want just the letters to be lit up, would be nice to have some sort of led strip lighting effect for cove lighting etc. - is there any way to achieve this? in one of the extensions I was using you could simply choose a surface regardless of its shape and when pressed light it would illuminate it with different settings, led, halogen, fluorecent.
    thank you!

  • Hey Simon. I would love to test the proxies, but mostly use Revit. Are there sketchup proxies available for the Revit application?