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  • HI Marin, by any chance where you able to make it work. I have the same speced machine as you purchased mine in December. Am having the same problems at 5% If you did get it work could you share much appericate - Funny thing is works on my lower speced DELL XPS 15 laptop. Many thanks Tom

    • Hi Tom
      After some advice from Enscape I had to switch off some pre-installed Software on my computer. I switched off in the Autostart system panel:

      - Intel Graphics Command Center

      - Killer Control Center

      - Realtek HD Audio Universal Service

      Now it finally works!

      Hope that helps?!

    • Hi Marin

      thank you for the feedback & help thats good news that there is a work around, quick question did you uninstall the 3 apps or just disabled in task manager under startup - have done the diabled on startup but still have the problem - uninstal would be the next set? Many thanks Tom

    • I did just a turning off...
      Hmmm - strange.