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  • Hey Clemens, you can download the sketchup file with the glass issue here…del%2050%25%20CD.skp?dl=0

    I've asked Anton Cromas (the user who's seeing these issues) to submit a bug report.

  • Hello,

    I've been having some issues while doing image capture. some of my materials turns black when the rendering process starts. is there any suggestions to avoid this happening ?

    thanks, Cesar Salas

    • Hi Cesar,

      unfortunately that is a known issue of the last release (v2.4) at the moment and we're working on a fix. Please see other threads regarding this issue:
      Black blotches on screen

    • Ok perfect I'll do it . but I believe that the bug is related to the assets library items (mainly plants ) since I did not experienced it but after various items form the assets library where placed on the project . After deleting this items and try to render again it came without a problem

    • That's an interesting observation - we'll check that. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi!

    If I may ask, after my student license application how long do I have to wait for the approval?