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  • Bonsoir ,

    je n'arrive pas à mettre la lumière dans un spére fermée (globe luminaire) créer sur SketchUp --- via Enscape ... POUVEZ-VOUS M'AIDER ?


    • Bonjour, veuillez créer un sujet dans le forum Sketchup et y décrire votre problème.

      (désolé, je ne parle pas français)

  • Hi Clemens

    I support users with various design tools and Enscape is on my radar. Recently we have had request for Enscape for VectorWorks. He expressed the issue with outside renders being over exposure. Which was addressed in a previous post. I sent him a link which hopefully this helps him.

    The second part of his question has he stumped and I quote "Within Vectorworks I cannot access the Enscape Library for entourage, planting, etc.." Should these parts of the program be accessible in VectorWorks? (I know only recently this tool moved from beta)

  • Bonjour Clemens,

    J 'ai un problème quand je souhaite faire une capture photo Enscape la photo se fait mais ou rendu vidéo mais l'enregistrement ne se finalise pas puis Enscape se coupe, ensuite Sketchup se coupe également et je n'ai pas de message erreur .

    j'ai une carte graphique NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX mes pilotes sont a jours

    J' utilise SKETHUP 2020


    je ne sais pas comment réparer

    pouvez vous m'aider



  • Hey Clemens, you can download the sketchup file with the glass issue here…del%2050%25%20CD.skp?dl=0

    I've asked Anton Cromas (the user who's seeing these issues) to submit a bug report.

  • Hello,

    I've been having some issues while doing image capture. some of my materials turns black when the rendering process starts. is there any suggestions to avoid this happening ?

    thanks, Cesar Salas

    • Hi Cesar,

      unfortunately that is a known issue of the last release (v2.4) at the moment and we're working on a fix. Please see other threads regarding this issue:
      Black blotches on screen

    • Ok perfect I'll do it . but I believe that the bug is related to the assets library items (mainly plants ) since I did not experienced it but after various items form the assets library where placed on the project . After deleting this items and try to render again it came without a problem

    • That's an interesting observation - we'll check that. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi!

    If I may ask, after my student license application how long do I have to wait for the approval?