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  • hi! Rick Marx

    Like many others, I have encountered the "exceeding number of license seats" issue. Could you reset my educational license?

    it is bkiz44@konkuk.ac.kr

    thank you!

  • hi

    I have encountered"exceeding number of license seat" issue like many other

    could u reset my educational license?

    it is lsy2644@catholic.ac.kr

    thank you

    • Hi user3434,

      I was not able to find a license connected to that email.

      Additionally, as I am not always active in the forum, please do not send in a DM message (unless asked of course) or write on my wall to prevent unnecessary delays for you.

      Please post in our forum where my colleagues can see and respond to your post as well.

      Alternatively, you can contact us through the following channels as well, depending on your issue:

      Technical related - support@enscape3d.com

      License related - licensing@enscape3d.com

      For students - educational@enscape3d.com

  • Can you tell me how to block a user on this forum? I haven't been able to find out how to do that. I see the area under "community" that would list blocked users but don't know how to do it. Thanks.

  • hola Rick, disculpa hace ya un tiempo estoy intentando colocar la licencia que me da enscape por el servicio educativo. me dice que exedi el numero de asientos, podrias por favor restablecerla. tengo el problema para activar mi clave, Hice la consulta hace ya un tiempo pero no tengo respuesta por favor.

    agradesco tu ayuda.

    • Hi anderson,

      I have reset your license, you should have no issue activating it again.

      Please refrain from posting on my wall or sending in a DM, as I don't always work in the forum, to prevent unnecessary delays for you.

      Please post in our forum where my colleagues can see and respond to your post as well.

  • ativação de chave

    I'm having trouble activating my key

  • Hi Rick, why did you delete my post for "Grass coming up through other objects"
    Did I break a rule?

    • Hi Marcusono,

      I noticed you posted the same message twice, to prevent too many thread around the same topic I deleted it indeed.

      If you wish I can simply revert it and delete your post in the other thread, as that is fairly old.

  • Hello rick I have a problem with my student license that could not be activated because I have exceeded the amount of seats but actually I use on one device only. Can you reset it for me? Here my email ariscadianrahmadhani@students.undip.ac.id

  • hello Rick,,,,

    my student license is also not working....exceeding the number of seats ... im just familiar with enscape and enjoying but now it happens...please help
    email address i used is 075mseeb010.manzil@pcampus.edu.np

    please reset and thanks in advance

  • Hi Rick 

    I have a problem with my student license, I had to configure my computer and reinstall revit and enscape, i'm trying to activate my enscape with the 24 month license key that was sent a few months ago, but it's telling me that my license is valid but not enabled because I exceeded the number of positions, you can help me solve this problem, because I can not disable the used license because I use the same computer but my computer is configured.

  • Hi Rick!

    I am having issues reactivating my enscape student license. I have emailed enscape and have not heard back. The email I used is lwippe1@lsu.edu

    Thank you,


  • Hi Rick,

    I am also having issues with my Enscape student license. It would be wonderful if you were able to help me with reactivating my license. My email is mmcada4@lsu.edu .

    I appreciate your help,

    Macy McAdams

  • Hi Rick, I'm also having issues reactivating my enscape student license, and have not heard back from Enscape License help. I also don't have my original license key, but my email used is kkeppe5@lsu.edu.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Rick!

    I am also having a similar problem with my student license exceeding the number of seats after trying to reenter my license following a computer crash. I cant seem to find my original license key but my email used is nadam19@lsu.edu

    Thanks in advance if you can help!


  • Hi Sir Rick

    I have sent you a DM. It is regarding the issue of my student license. Can you please assist me? Thank you.

  • Hi! I noticed you are active on helping people with the same issue that I am having.

    I have a student license, and while trying to renew and activate it, I got the error message "Your license has been applied, but could not be activated because you've exceeded the number of seats..."

    I previously worked on my old computer, but it died and I had to get a new one. I don't believe that I am logged in on any other computer.

    I need to use enscape for my final project- it is required to graduate. Could you please assist me in this ASAP? Thank you

  • Hi Rick

    Sent you a DM regarding the issue with my license. It is bit urgent as I need to finish my assignment. Can you please look into this?



  • Sorry to bother you but you seem very active on this site and I am a new user. I am a client and my architect has sent me a link to a model of our house but since I upgraded by laptop the model is only showing at a fixed angle. The only way I can change the angle of view is to actually pick up my laptop and move it up and down.

    My architect has no idea how to resolve this so I thought I would reach out to other users and see if I can find a solution.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi aidan,

      I hope you have also posted this issue somewhere (and it has already been resolved) in our forum where all my colleagues can see this, as lately I am less active in the forum due to other tasks within our department.

      If not, then please also contact us via support@enscape3d.com so we can get more information regarding this issue.

  • Code
    Good Day, I ran into a problem with the Student License. I enter my student activation code, but it says it is invalid. I downloaded enscape (Trial Version) to my computer with an e-mail address other than my school e-mail address. Now, I want to use it licensed with my school account, but I cannot log in with my school account, it says the activation code is invalid. Thanks for your help (the e-mail address I downloaded to my computer is mesatalkaya@hotmail.com my school account is mustafaesat.alkaya@ogr.deu.edu.tr)
  • HI Rick,

    I've seen that you typically respond to people having issues with not receiving the free trial email.

    Can you help me out?

  • Hi Rick,

    I see you have responded to a fe landscape/asset questions in the forum related to plants etc. I have a whole list of plants I have got from our landscape architect and am happy to buy resources or subscription to assets I need. I am working in revit and looking for best website/type of asset to work with revit and enscape but get the landscape elements specifically designed for. Any suggestions of resources or tactics to achieve my design goals?

  • Hi Rick,

    We are having serious issues trying to register our licence for design@divestudio.com.au
    There is no response to emails whatsoever. Can someone please help?

  • Hi Rick, would you mind checking PM?

  • I did not receive my key by email after purchase

  • "Unable to access the Asset Library"

    "The asset library requires a working internet connection. Please ensure a stable internet connection is provided when using the Asset Library."

    I am using home internet connection, located in India.

    Sketchup 2019 pro & Enscape 3.1

    Please advise a solution.

    • Hello sadiq,

      Are you making use of a VPN perhaps?

      If not, please send us a feedback report including the log files as seen here.

  • I have a problem with my student license, I'm trying to activate my Enscape with the 24months license key sent last night but it is telling me that my license is applied but is not activated cause I exceeded the numbers of seat, can you help me to solve this issue.

    Email: issamyca.delacruz@cvsu.edu.ph


  • Hi There, I have a probelm with mu student license. The laptop i had the license on crashed and it wont turn on again. I got acces to another laptop, but i cant use my license since it is still 'active' on the other laptop. Can you help me?

    My email is 452415@student.saxion.nl

    • Hi Bo,

      I see your license activation has already been reset, probably by one of my colleagues if you have contacted us through some other way already.

  • Hi there, I have a problem with my student license, I had to format my laptop, and I re-installed sketchup and enscape, I'm trying to activate my Enscape with the 24months license key sent to a couple of months ago but it is telling me that my license is applied but is not activated cause I exceeded the numbers of seat, can you help me to solve this issue, cause I can not deactivate the used license because I am using the same laptop but my laptop was formatted. Hope I can hear from you guys asap, my thesis is approaching. email: noelleclarisse.santos@benilde.edu.ph

  • Hi, I have a question. Well, I don't know if I'm uploading the images well or not because the problem is that they don't load like the others, I had to put only the url of the dropox and when you open it only one image appears and I uploaded more than one, so my question is: what is the correct way to upload the images to the page and that they look like everyone else's?

    • Hi dbrizuela28

      When you create a post or thread and go to the attachments, you can simply add your image files.

      As it states there the following formats are supported:

      Allowed extensions: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, txt, zip

      Url's are not supported.

  • Hi Rick, here's a link to a small scene in which the bitmap swapping problem just occurred this morning. The pavers outside the building are supposed to be a concrete bitmap.

    Check the original thread for new info.....


    • Hi landrvr1,

      Thanks for sharing a project.

      I will test it and get back to you once I have any new information.

  • Hi, I have no access t the computer with enscape installed due to covid . Can you help me out?