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  • I just made a disturbing discovery.. I got a new work laptop that is 20x better than my old one, I opened some projects that were successfully rendered with Enscape before and they are not rendering textures. This may be a graphic driver problem! I work for the federal government in the Corps of Engineers and cannot update anything because the laptop is locked down.

  • Hi Phil,

    Sorry to bother you but you seem very active on this site and I am a new user. I am a client and my architect has sent me a link to a model of our house but since I upgraded by laptop the model is only showing at a fixed angle. The only way I can change the angle of view is to actually pick up my laptop and move it up and down.

    My architect has no idea how to resolve this so I thought I would reach out to other users and see if I can find a solution.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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