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  • Hi Pibuz

    I was just reading your post regarding the COVID19 temporary hospital you had worked on, and I was just wondering if you could provide me 3 images of this, as I would like to use your story to present internally here at Enscape as a 'Success Story'.

    Would you be able to provide 3 images and some information regarding the problem that arose suring the project, and how Enscape managed to resolve or workaround the issue to allow you to complete the project?

    If you can provide this, that would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your reply.

    • hi Pete!

      I obviously could do that BUT I have to get from you a complete submission to a non-disclosure agreement, since the images were produced for a closed comptetiion and it's not allowed to show the project any elsewhere.

      So, as long as it's an INTERNAL presentation it's ok, but it's strongly forbidden to make those images public.